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Smoke on The Water Deep Purple How to Play Guitar Solo Lesson

Hello guys of Cifra Club! I'm Vinícius Dias And now I'm gonna teach you this very cool solo that you heard Is of the music quot;Smoke on the waterquot; from Deep Purple I'm here with the LTD ST203 And the neck pickup is enable, righté The settings of my Laney Cub 12 are like this: hte bass in 100% the middle in 80%

and the treble in 70% my Gain is in 80% and I opened more the tone to get more glow from my instrument wich is with the neck pickup enable and I choose the 15W jack This solo works the G minor scale and on the studio record is nearly 115 BPM

Now I'll show you two slower tempos Follow the tab So that's it! Hope you has enjoyed and learned Stay plugged here on Cifra Club to always learn more Thanks! See you!.

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