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How To Grow And Scale Up Your Online Business

First question, I guess we'll just start back at this end, first question is what does your morning routine look likeé That's awesome. For me, the most important thing when I wake up is I smile just because I think that's the most important thing. You wake up just feeling grateful, being proud for another day. I like to go through a process first thing in the morning just to make sure that I'm at my best whether that's asking myself certain questions: what am I happy about, what can I focus on, what can I give today, how can I become betteré I find just by asking those questions, it puts me in a great state, so that I can be

productive and do the best that I can in my business.I love selfdevelopment so everything from affirmations, visualization, vision boards, things like that are great, reading books and just planning out the day. I find that in terms of business, focusing on that highest leverage thing, the most important thing, that one thing as the book says, just focusing on that one primary objective, if you can do that everyday, just focus on one high leverage thing, then over a week, or a month, or a year, it's amazing what you can accomplish. Sweet.

Playing off the morning routine, what's an average workday look for you guysé What I do now is much different than when I started. When I first started, I was working in my business, not on my business, so I was doing everything. My focus was applying as much as I could, learning as much as I could. At a certain point, I learned that I could get further ahead just by focusing on fewerthings and really focusing on the things that I'm good at and the things that only I can do that I enjoy. Most of my day is . The most important thing that I do in my business is create content because that's what I love, I enjoy that, whether that's YouTube tutorials, recording tutorials, writing articles for a blog. I use those channels to funnel into whatever

email list that I have or whatever product that I might be selling. That's the main thing I do. Also, interviewing people, learning as much as I can, learning new ideas, strategies that I can implement into my business. I also focus on trying to systematize as many things as possible. Once I do something one time and I get good at it, I know it works, then I'm going to try to find a way to automate that. That could be having a virtual assistant. My customer support is automated now at this point. A lot of my social media is automated with Instagram, Facebook.

That's a lot of my time everyday is just learning strategies, systematizing it. That is what has allowed me to scale up and grow. Now, the next question is if you were to start over in your business, what would you do differently to make yourself successful fasteré A lot of these people are probably where you were at maybe six months ago, a year ago, two years ago. What would you do differently starting back over that would get you to where you're at now fasteré I'd say the first thing, which all of you guys have already done, is finding and

investing in a high quality course. When I first got started making money online and trying to exploit this opportunity I wasjust trying to do it all by myself you Looking online, trying to put all the pieces together and I found that to be very frustrating, very timeconsuming, and I failed a lot. It took me years before I started making any money online. Finding a good quality course and I think one step further than that would be finding a coach, a mentor, a mastermind group, surrounding yourself with the right people because

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