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DIY Mini Singing Musical Tesla Coil Music Box for 5

let's select this purl drop music 69 (on piano ) yep oh ! Hey what's going on guys this iskedar here and today we are going to make a singing musical Tesla coil so let'sget started now the science behind the creating a sound with high voltages ispretty similar to what speakers do speaker squared the vibration with usingtheir (speaker) cones similarly the high voltage sparks create the pressure waves ok so let's see what are the parts thatwe are going to need so here is the PAM 8403Class D audio amplifier , the class d

amplifier is a particularly good part ofthis application and next thing we are going to need a 3.7 voltsbattery you can alternately a use and USB power supply for that also we are going to need a cheap mp3 playerbecause as you know high voltage can damage your precious electronics so thischeap mp3 player can be handy to have The last thing that we are going to need isthis highvoltage transformer now this transformer will create 3.7volts into 7kv (kilovolts) Links to buy all of these parts are in thedescription below

now remember that dealing with such ahigh voltage can be dangerous so you should know the high voltage safety before you aredoing this experiment now since this amplifier has a two channels you can also connect and secondary highvoltage generator to it and talking about this high water generators , this 7kilo volts high voltage generator produces a nice and clean audio and this700 kv (kilovolts) unit create very loud sound if you want more output power then youcan use this PAM 8610 power amplifier board ok friends so let's start it on and seehow to sound like

(Music) now since it has a standard 3.5 mm audioJack you can connect tesla coil to any audio source like this Piano right here ! (Piano Melody) let's select this perl drop 69 yep oh ! did you see that High Voltage Tesla Coil Creating Music ! so hope you enjoyed this tutorial guysplease hit that like button below share

this tutorial with your friends and it'sworth to check out my other tutorials also and thanks for watching guys Goodbye!.

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