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Russell Ferrante Jazz Piano and Voice Leading Masterclass 1

As pianists, we are so used to playing chords,putting our hands down and grabbing a group of notes and sometimes neglecting to realizethat each one of those chord tones is really a melody. It came from somewhere, it's goingsomewhere else. So the one chord, C. The four chord, F but with the third in the bass. Ifyou can connect chords melodically and be spinning these melodies out controlling fouror five or six different melodies, you're going to sound more like an orchestra. Goodvoice leading is never everything in the same direction, at the same time. So, even thoughthat looks like you're moving closely, which I guess you are, it's kind of lousy voiceleading. Drop the middle note an octave, you

know, so.Cycle 4. Move voices stepwise. Sus to sharp nine, flat thirteen,sus, resolve, flat thirteen, flat nine. If you took like.

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