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Ep 1 4 Breathing Types Voice Lessons To The World

Hi everybody! My name is Justin Stoneyand I'm the founder of New York Vocal Coaching here in New York City. Welcome to the very first episode ofVoice Lessons to the World. This is a show where we want to help you as singers to answer your questions and helpyou have the most information possible about vocal technique and how you canimprove. Whether you're a beginner or professional singer, whether you'repreparing for auditions

or for a performance, We want you to have the best information. I'll give you a chance later to send ussome questions, but we want to help you to improve your vocaltechnique and accomplish your goals as singers. So our very first episode is called quot;FourBreathing Typesquot;. Today I'm going to talk to you about fourbreathing types that you see in life and you also see in singers. So thevery first one is a high breath or a clavicular breath. So go ahead and take a deep

breath for me, and exhale. Now with a high breath you're gonna seethe clavicle and the upper body lift on the inhale and then exhale it comes down, try that one more timeinhale and exhale. Now you see this breath a lot in life and sometimes in singers, butit's actually not a breath that I would recommend

because its going to really expel the air fast and hard what comes up (inhales) must comedown (exhales) and you don't have a lot of control and thenthe larynx has to deal with all that excessive airflow. So there's another breath: the abdominalor belly breath that you can use. Try this, hand on belly inhale you feel an expansion exhale it comes in. Try it again. Inhale

expand and exhale it comes in. And one more time (don't lift the chest) inhale and exhale it comes in. Now this is a breath that Irecommend because the depth of that breath is going to allow the diaphragm to contract more. And it's also going to give yougreater control over your exhale. Another breath that I recommend is therib or intercostal breath. So put your hands on your rib cage righthere and try and inhale you'll feel an expansion exhale it comesin.

Try that again inhale expand exhale itcomes in and we'll do it one more time. Try not to lift the chest. And inhale exhale it comes in. So this is another breath that gives you a lotof control from the lower body for your singing. What I actually recommend though is acombination of both your rib breath and your low breath. So go ahead, one hand on your ribs one hand on belly let's see if you canopen both of these.

Ep 10 Middle Notes or High Notes Voice Lessons To The World

Hi everybody. My name is Justin Stoney. I'm the founderof New York Vocal Coaching here in New York City. Welcome to Episode 10 of Voice Lessons to the World the show we want to help you guys as singers by answering yourquestions from all over the world. I'll give you a chance to ask questionsa little later, but the question for the week comes from Sara J. in Los Angeles, California. And Sara asks, quot;Dear Justin, Do you have any secrets for hitting the high noteséquot; And yes, Sara, I think I do. And I'mhappy to give you those secrets.

But today, I'm only gonna give you one and in future tutorials I'll give you tons more. But the first one that I wantto give it to you guys is a great secret, and a great trick that you absolutelyhave to know if you wanna be a great singer. The biggest key to hitting the highnotes, is not the high notes. It's the middle notes. I'm gonna show you what I mean by this.But if you want to hit high notes, you don't want to focus on your highnotes you want to focus on your middle notes. I'm gonna show you how to do that. So alot of people don't have high notes

because they're just trying to slam thehigh notes all the time. They say, quot;I gotta have high notes,quot; they go up there and they strain and they work on straining. They're actually just building up worse and worse habits on their high notes, when all along, if they had worked on their middle notes, the high notes just start to appear. Sothe first thing that we're gonna' talk about is, what do I mean by middle notesé This could be debatable, but I'm gonnagive you what I think of as middle notes. First for the guys, and then for theladies. So here we go with,

what are the middle notes that guys needto work oné Here they are over here. So guys, if thisis middle C right here, your middle notes are going to be this Aflat through this Bflat. These notes here. And so for the ladies, it's just right above where the guys are. Come and check this out. So ladies at middle C is right here. Your middle notes are gonna be this Eflat

through this Bflat here. So again guys you're gonna be Aflat through Eflat, and ladies, you're going to be above that, Eflat through Bflat. Those are the problematic notes for mostmales and females. They neglect that area of their voices,and then they lack the high note as a result. So part 2 is, what we have to do aboutthese middle notesé How do we make them appropriate forbridging the gap between them and the high notesé

So, part A, is that, you first don't want to get louder. As I go through my middle, here's kinda'what it sounds like if I haven't worked out my middle notes, if I'm a guy, and I am. If I have, quot;ma a a a a a a a a ma a a a a a a a a ma a a a a a a a a ma a a a a a a a a ma a a a a a a a a

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