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What is a Key on guitar The EASY key of G Beginners Music Theory

Hi guys my name's Andy and in this lesson I'm taking you through what a key is in music why its useful to you and also i'm gonna be talking about the key of G so a key in music is a way of knowing which chords go together and it can be seen as a family of chords or a palate of chords

like a painters palate and its also a way of knowing which melodic notes are going to work over those chords now as a quick kind of guide as to a really quick inclination into what the key of a song might be the key of the song is normally the first chord the last chord

and the most common chord that crops up in your song or chord sequence so if for example my song is in the key of G G will probably start the chord sequence it might not end every time but the song may end on a G and G will also probably be the commonest chord in the song

or happen for the most amount of time but none of those things have to be the case for a song to be in the key of G in fact a song could be kind of in the key of G but not even have a G chord in it and how is that the caseƩ well its because thats not the reason a song is in that key it just tends to be that that sounds good and that gets done the most but its the other chords in the song

that actually dictate what the key is and those chords are when we take the key of G as an example because G is a very guitar friendly key if you've been playing guitar for a number of months or weeks you'll know that probably already we have G as our first chord

A minor i'm just gonna be demoing these chords but I will have these chord shapes available to view in the lesson notes that accompany this lesson so this second ones A minor then we have a B minor which i'm playing a B minor 7 kinda like this

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