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Welcome to How To Cook ThatI am Ann Reardon Due to popular demand this week we are makinga minecraft village. Every village is different on minecraft. This one has a farm bordered by wooden logs,a sheep, large house, trees, steve, a pig, a small house and a hut. A creeper and evena well. I have another minecraft cake tutorial onthe channel which is for one giant grass block, but there have been so many requests for anotherminecraft cake that it's made it to the top of the list again.

To start with you will need to make some grassblocks. To do that put a small amount of green sprinkles in the base of a mini ice cube tray.I saw this one online and immediately thought we could make an epic minecraft cake usingthat so I bought two. Once you've got an even spread of sprinklespipe some chocolate into each cube and then tap it on the counter a few times. If youtap it too much the chocolate is going to go all the way down and cover the sprinklesso just a few times to get any big air bubbles out. Then use an offset spatula to level off thetops. Once they are set tip them out of the

mold and you've got cute little grass blocks. Now for the plants on the farm. Take a jellybean and cut it in half and then in half again. And take one of those and make a slit downthe middle and seperate them so it looks like two leaves. Fill the tray with chocolate it is importantthat your tray is not wet when you are working with chocolate so you don't wash it betweenmaking the different blocks. Water and chocolate don't go togetherAdd your plants to each block. Remember if you are using real chocolate you'llneed to temper it first or it won't set firmly,

if you're using compound you don't have toworry about that if you have no idea what I am talking about then there is a whole tutorialon how to temper chocolate and what chocolate to use on the howtocookthat channel for you. Once they are set take you're mini plantsout of the mold. For plain dirt blocks just fill the mold withmilk chocolate and let it set. For wooden logs you want to fill the moldwith dark chocolate and then flip it over and tip it out.This leaves a lining of dark chocolate around the edge. Smooth off the top and leave itupside down to set.

Then take some white chocolate and add a tinybit of dark to make a tannish sort of colour. Pour that over the dark chocolate in the moldand let it set. If you have more than one of these molds it will make it quicker becauseyou don't have to wait as long for it to set you can move on the the next one.Once they are ready they will look like this. For blocks that you need to see the top withthe brown line around it . Trim them off shorter to revel the pattern. Then to make them theright size again pipe some more dark chocolate into the mold and add the other block on top.Then smooth that off the top using the spatula. For ones where you'll just see the side youdon't need to do that we will scrape it with

the knife for the wood look. But it will beeasier and quicker to do that once they are built into the structure you are using itfor. For the planks pour some of the tanned colouredchocolate into the mold. Once they are set you can draw three lines across for the planks,but same as with the logs we'll do that once they are in place on the buildings.For wooden step blocks take a plank block and cut out one quarter of it so you are takingour a corner and these are used for the roof of the large house. For the trees colour some chocolate greenusing either powdered or oil based food colouring.

FROZEN ELSA PRINCESS CAKE How To Cook That Elsa Doll Cake Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook ThatI am Ann Reardon Today I can't hold it back anymore you'vebeen asking for an Disney Frozen Elsa cake so here it is.Firstly to make this cake you are going to need one and a half of the rich chocolatecake, the recipe tutorial for that is on the website howtocooktht and I'll link tothe recipe in the description below. Bake it into two 20cm round tins and one 1Lheat proof bowl. That you've greased before you pour the mixture in. And bake for around45 minutes or until cooked all the way through. Then let those cool and level off the topof the round cakes using a knife or a cake

leveler.Then take the bowl shaped one and cut it into two layers. Cover the hair of your Elsa doll in plasticwrap to stop it from getting cake in the hair and also cover the waist and legs to protectthe joints from getting frosting stuck in them.Then take a cake board and put a smear of icing on it to stop the cake from slippingoff. And then add your first layer of cake right over close to one edge leaving abouta 1 cm or 12 inch gap between the edge of the cake board.Cover that in a layer of frosting and then

add the other round cake on top. And I amusing my chocolate buttercream recipe for this one and that recipe is on the blog postas well for you. Then add the base of the bowl part and thencover that with more frosting and again putting it over to one side of the rounded cake.Then put the rounded bowl part on top of that. Now we want our doll to sit towards the frontof the bowl shape so take your knife and cut down to the base so that you cut out a rectangleshape. Then take a fork and scoop all of that excesscake out of the middle. Now push your doll down into the cake so thatyou can still see the hip joints.

We want to carve the cakes so that it is smoothat the front and the sides. And then we want to carve the back to makeit less bowl shaped. So just cut it down there and more like a flowing fabric dress.Use more frosting and some of your offcuts to build up the gap that's just between theround cakes and the bowl shape there. And then continue to shave off little slicesat a time until you've got a nice smooth rounded dress shape.Then cover the whole cake in frosting. Bringing it up to a point around that superskinnywaist. Once it is completely covered take a strip of bendy plastic and use it to smoothout the frosting. You can get this plastic

from craft stores or office supply storesas projector sheets or document covers. Now that you have your doll with a flat dressat the front and a big billowing skirt out the back. Place it in the fridge for abouthalf an hour. Roll out some blue fondant in a big circleand place it over the top of the doll with her hands up. Arrange the creases of fondantevenly around the dress so that we've got the nice folds going all the way around itand squeeze it in at the waist. Continue to arrange it until you are happywith it trim off the excess going out and around each of those folds so that the edgeof the dress is not straight but more just

like flowing fabric flowing down there. Make sure it is pinched in at the waist thereand then cut off the excess. Then use your fingers to smooth the fondant in to the dollshape so you don't have like a bump at the waist. So it is smooth going into the doll.Roll out some white fondant really thinly and cut into a ribbon shape like this. Place the arms in the right position and thenplace this over the front arm so that the join is going to be underneath so that itis not so visible. Then trim it at the wrist to make it intoa point at the back of her hand. And then

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