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How To Sing Good 3 Easy Tips For How To Sing Good

Hi there. Aaron here from Superior SingingMethod and in this tutorial, I want to talk about how to sing good. OK. How to sing good. The ironic thing aboutthe statement how to sing good is it is bad grammar. So let me just get that out of theway first. How to sing well, yeah, that's better grammar. So this is not a grammar lesson.This is actually a singing lesson so let's jump into that. How to sing well, how to sing good. Firstof all, at the end of this, I want to give you a good vocal exercise that will help youto be able to sing well and it's one of my

favorite ones. It's a good warmup exercisethat will kind of get you going in the morning as well. It's the only one you do. It's agood one to start with. So how do you sing wellé What are the different things that ittakes to learn how to do thaté First of all, understanding the voice. Thereare two probably yeah, three main things I think. It's like understanding the voice,learning proper technique and doing vocal exercise. So last one I'm going to give youis that vocal exercise. So understanding the voice, what does that meané Things like nasality. A lot of people whenthey sing, they sing and it just sounds kind

of like this. It sounds nasally and nasallydoesn't come across. It doesn't sound very good and nobody really wants to hear a nasallysinger. So understanding the voices, understandinghow to for example, it would be how to get rid of the nasality in your voice and it couldbe a lot of things but mostly it's probably the soft palate and I won't go too much intoit now. But soft palate is just beyond the hard palate which is the roof of your mouth.Soft is set behind there and usually nasally means soft palate is down too low. So understanding the voice, understandingthat the voice is a delicate instrument, understanding

that when you yell and you're like tryingto belt a note, like that, that puts a lot of strain on your voice and doesn't soundgood with tone but it also can hurt your voice. So just understanding those there is a lotof things to understand about the voice. These are just a couple of examples. The second thing is learning proper technique.Proper technique is things like learning how to breathe from your diaphragm. Breathingfrom your diaphragm is taking a just to give you a little, tiny glimpse of what it is,it's basically having proper posture, taking that complete breath and allowing your diaphragmto descend, creating space for your lungs

to be able to expand and your stomach cavityand as you sing, the tendency is to let your chest kind of collapse, to fall like that.But instead of doing that, keeping your chest nice and high, like kind of just like I amnow, not super high. Those are some of the basics of learning howto diaphragm breathe. So that's learning the proper techniques and there are a lot of techniquesof learning how to sing but that was just one example. So it's understanding the voice, learningproper technique and then doing vocal warmups. Vocal warmups are important because yourvoice is made of muscle and cartilage and

you need to build up those muscles to be ableto manipulate the notes the way you want to and to be able to sing all the things youneed to sing and know what your voice is going to do when. You need to strengthen those musclesso that they respond the way that you want them to respond when you're singing, rightéRight. So let's get to the voice exercise. This isa good one. It's one of my favorites as like a morning exercise. It's going to be Zs, Zs,We're going to do Zs on just basically five notes descending. So it's going to be vocalexercise. I started a little low. I will start a little higher. vocal exercise Dothat with me. vocal exercise And then you

Diets Dont Work Healthy Living Lesson

Now, you may have heard this phrase before,diets don't work. How many of you have been on a diet before and you have tried to gainsome kind of advantage, lose weight or gain weight or try…diets don't work. I havethree phrases that you will find interesting on the board here: 1. Counting calories is useless2. Measuring grams is fruitless (these are things you've all done, righté)3. Weighing portions is senseless. There is a reason why it doesn't work. Thereason it won't work is because you won't do it forever. No one is going to walk aroundwith the little measuring cup and count and

weigh and measure every single thing thatis going in their mouths. It is not practical. The Bible has something to say about the wisdomof today's age, the world we live in. When we look at the ways mankind approaches makinggains or coming up with a change, how they accomplish some change, even if it is somethingas simple as losing weight, they come up with some kind of formula. God says in 1 Corinthians 3, Let no one deceivehimself, if anyone among you seems to be wise in this age, let him become a fool that hemay become wise for the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God. That is very important.This is our Creator saying the things that

you have come up with are not good. This iswhat the best of the industry has come up with. Count calories, measure and weigh theportions that you are taking in consideration. But the only thing that really works is alifestyle. Your attitude about wanting to know the truth is what will make the difference.It also says in the Bible that people perish for lack of knowledge. If you don't wantto know the truth, you are not going to have the truth, and you will not make lasting changes.Your lifestyle or your diet will be like a yoyo. You lose ten pounds, you gain 12 pounds,you lose 16 pounds, and it will be up and down and up and down forever.

So the first thing you have to do is discoverthe truth. We have talked extensively about things that many of you have never heard beforein the previous three classes. Also, you have to develop discipline and then apply whatyou have learned. You can have the truth and you can do nothing with it and it is not goingto get you anywhere. There are actually some scriptures that I want to tell you about,what the Word of God has to say about these areas. Of course it says in the book of John,if you know the truth, the truth will set you free. There is a freedom to knowing thetruth and it is not just the truth about certain specific details that the Bible talks about.Some people are not spiritual or religious,

so they say well how does that apply to meéWell, the truth is, truth is truth. Something is either true or it is untrue. Early on inthis series we talked about being black and white. In this case, truth is not relative.Something is either true or it is not true. If you have the truth you have freedom, becausethen you have something on which to base what you're doing. If you don't have truth,you will be led astray. Develop discipline. It also says in the Bibleto be sober. And to be self controlled because we have an enemy, an evil enemy in this worldwho is prowling around trying to take away our life. That happens through deception.Without any self control, it is easy to be

deceived. You also want to apply what youhave learned. It also says in the Bible, to be doers of what you hear. Be doers of theWord, not just hearers. You have to put into action what you are learning. So, what youhave to do is come up with a plan that is realistic. You have all heard informationin this series, is it realisticé Does it make senseé Moreover, there are dozens of peoplewho have heard these lectures live and thousands may see them on tape, but how do you actuallyknow what you're hearing is the truthé You could all go to a bookstore right now andpull out a hundred different books on nutrition and health and probably get 200 differentopinions.

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