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How To Sing Like A PRO Open Throat Technique Tutorial Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

How to sing like a Pro. Hey guys, my name is Ken Tamplin, and welcometo Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, where the proof is in the singing. Now, in order for me to be able to teach youhow to sing like a Pro, I'd better have achieved professional status myself, and Ialso better show you that I have students that have gone from amateur status to professionalstatus. Now let's be clear on something. Most professionals themselves don't singwell from a technical standpoint.

So just to sing like a Pro doesn't meanyour singing properly or great, but I have to point out that no matter where you getyour information, think about this: the person giving that information, have they achieveda high level of professional statusé And do they demonstrate students that haveprofessional statusé We have over 300 tutorials on my channel, withthe plethora, which means a lot, of students on my channel, many of which have achievedawesome professional status. Now just quickly go to Sara Loera, check outGabriela Guncikova, 10 second songs' Anthony Vincent, Mark Hudson from Dragon Force, Icould go on and on and on with a lot of the

students that have applied my course and achievedprofessional status. Now what does it mean to become professionaland how do we do ité Well it has to do with strength training andthe way we think about the voice and the way we strength train in order to build enoughprofessional–ism in what it is that we're doing to be able to sing strong with confidencenight after night with consistency. So I have a singing course called How To SingBetter Than Anyone Else, you can check it out on Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy dot com,and I walk you through, stepbystep what it's going to take to help you become aprofessional singer.

Now, to be a professional singer, there'slots involved in this and it's not just only the physical or musical side, there'sa psychological side to this, but I want to show you a few things that you can do thatwill be really, really awesome. Okayé We're just going to run through a coupleof warmup exercises that will help you understand how to clean up the voice. Now, check out my tutorial on diaphragmatic support,check out my tutorial on open throat technique, it's the precursor of what you're goingto need to do, what we are about to do here

at this level. We're going to sing an AA vowel, and theAA vowel scale is going to go like this. Lay… Ahhh… So AA and Ah, and we're going to actuallyslowly go through this to start to strength train the voice, here we go. Ladies, you'll do this up the octave… Lay…

Ah… Do this with us in octaves… Lay… Ah… Now, going between vowels, AA and Ah helpresiliency and the ability to relax the cords and to, with freedom, be able to go up anddown a scale without feeling tension in the throat, because we want to build strengthfor the sound. Lay…

Archery classes offer Laredo students focus discipline and sportsmanship

Archery classes offer Laredo students focus,discipline and sportsmanship May, 19, 2015 What I like aboutarchery is that this is probably one of the best things we have in ourCurriculum. That it doesn't matter about whether itthe gender or the size or skill level the kids are at. They usually come in here and also the kidshaven't shot but it puts all the kids on an equal playing fieldwhen they come in here and that's what I love about the archery program.

Well the only time I've ever practiced waswhen we did archery in gym And that was kind of the only time I practiced. I've never owned a bow or anything close toit. When I was in PE, we basically trained forjust one trimester but, I've been doing archery ever since I was infourth grade. We run the national archery in the schoolprogram. We are sponsored by theDepartment of Wildlife. We originally got started here with theircompound bows with the

grant money from the Department of Wildlife. I've been doing thisFor since I�ve been at Laredo, probably twelve years. 6th grade predator I did alright, i kind ofstruggled, 7th grade I did pretty good and I guess 8thgrade is when I did really good so she put me in the tournament. This is the first year that the Colorado Departmentof Wildlife and the National archery �in the schoolprogram sponsored a tournament.

Our 7th and 8th graders were involved in thetournament we took our top 24 shooters We competed against that several schools inthe state. I got first place out of the whole tournamentthing so first in state. I competed archery and I came secondplace,I wasn't really nervous or scared if I lost or if I won. I justenjoyed doing archery. In 8th grade I was having fun with it, beforeI really didn't like it but I'm in 8th grade this year when we did it, I actuallystarted to like it.

I just love archeryit�s just and something that I've loved my entire life.

Rawhide The Blues Brothers 59 Movie CLIP 1980 HD

We're sure glad to be herein Kokomo tonight. We're the Good Ole BluesBrothers Boys Band from Chicago. We hope you like our show. l'm Elwood.This is my brother Jake. Well, my temperature's risin'And my feet on the floor Crazy people knockin''Cause they wanted some more Let me in, babyl don't know what you got But you better take it easy'Cause this place is hot

And l'm so glad you made it So glad you made it That ain't no Hank Williams song. You gottagimme some lovin' Get off the stage ! Crowd Booing Gimme some lovin' Booing, Yelling _yg_y _ay Hey, why'd they turn off the lights é Maybe they blew a fuse. l don't think so, man.Those lights are off on purpose. We gotta figure out somethingthese people like and fast. Hey, l got it.

Remember the theme from Rawhide é The old favorite. What key é ''A.'' Good country key. ''Rawhide'' in ''A.'' Crowd Booing ''Rawhide'' in ''A.'' Crowd Booing Rollin', rollin', rollin' Though the streamsare swollen Just keep them doggies rollin'Rawhide Cheering Through rain and wind and weather

Hellbent for leather Wishin' my gal was by my side Crowd Hooting All the things l'm missin' Good vittlesIove and kissin' Are waitin'at the end of my ride Move 'em on, head 'em up Head 'em up, move 'em on Move 'em on, Rawhide Head 'em up Cut 'em out Ride 'em in Ride 'em in

Cut 'em out Cut 'em out, ride 'em in Rawhide Doodoodoo,doodoodoo, doodoodoo Doodoodoo Crowd Hooting, Cheering, Whistles Bottles Shattering Hooting, Clapping Hooting Continues Elwood Move 'em on Head 'em up Head 'em up, move 'em on, Rawhide Move 'em on, head 'em up

Cut 'em out, ride 'em in Ride 'em in Cut 'em out Cut 'em out, ride 'em in Rawhide Rollin', rollin', rollin'Rollin', rollin', rollin' Hyah ! Cracks Whip Rollin', rollin', rollin' Rollin', rollin', rollin' Hyah ! Cracks Whip Rawhide Hyah ! Whip Cracks Rawhide Cheering

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