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Paul Gilbert Two Types of Guitarists

There's many different.There's 2 main categories you can put guitar playing in.But, the 2 that I think are important, or at least the 2 I want to tell you abouttoday, are rhythmic,and nonrhythmic. And I don't mean rhythm guitar like. like that.Rhythm doesn't mean low and chunky, or strumming chords.It just means that has something. that it locks into the tempo somehow.That there's some kind of tempo,

and that the underlying structureof what you're playing on guitar relates to that tempo. So, you can play a solo up really, reallyhigh and it can still have rhythm to it.Y'know, like the song I just did. The tempo was something like. And of course, the typical rhythm partmight be .That's what people think. That's what guitar players think of when theyhear that word 'rhythm'.

But, if you play a solo,you play your high notes, it can still have. And that still has a rhythm.Where, if you play nonrhythmically, even if I play, y'know. That's still.and I like that. I like nonrhythmic playing as well.But it doesn'tmake your head go like thiswhen you play.

.So there's some. I think that the message I want to give youis I just want you to be aware of, as a listener, and aware, asa player, of when the guitar playing is locking intothe groove and being rhythmic regardless if it's low, or high, or in themiddle. And when it's not.When it's floating above the rhythm. .And there's certainly some great guitar playing that is nonrhythmic.Like 'Eruption', by Van Halen,

is pretty much nonrhythmic.Great notes floating all over the place. And it doesn't. you hear. The end!The end starts to get rhythmic. The. You can tap your foot to that.But the rest of it is more floating or freeform.And that's fine. But the thing I'll say about rhythmic guitarplaying

is that when you play a soloand it locks into the groove, it has the same effectas if your soundman cranked up your guitar fadertwice as loud. .So, you know, the drums, and the bass start to support your notes,instead of fighting them. So, if you want to be heard,it really helps to play with the groove, with the tempoto lock in.

Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons Jim Bruce Deep River Blues Guitar Lesson by Doc Watson

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