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Hilliard City Schools Innovative Learning Center

my name is Brent Bower I am the onlinemath teacher for Hilliard City Schools and I've beendoing that for about four years now think I'm getting into our kids are so different today thanthey were you know when we went to school i I look at howdigital our kids are and we can leverage that we can engagekids better now it's a it's a lot different them nowon what you might think up when you hear the word math teacher

I don't have a classroom anymore I have basically an office or home base andthen I have students that are enrolled in my classes and then I go to those kids and helpthem meet with them encourage them yell at them whatever it takes but that butit's I love it it's it's awesome I thinkthere's this thing out there that students are becoming unengaged witheducation

in that students believe that school is boring school isn't fun in school issomewhere they dread it's not that at all The ILCthe innovative learning center it is a place for all kids I can't say isit just for this kid is just for the good kid is just for the kid that needs extra help no it's for everyone we come to withpassion and energy we wanna be effective that we can engage them and have them truly want to come to us excited about learning again

you know the culture that has beencreated here which is huge I think no matter where you are what classes you have ourleader has created great culture you're encouraged to fail because we'regonna learn something from that kids love walking into the building whenyou walk into a place like that why wouldn't you want work hard and helpothers to be successful too so it's a great place

PreKindergarten Classrooms The Primrose Schools Experience

The move from preschool to kindergartencan be a formidable transition for any child. Which is why the prekindergarten curriculum at Primrose takes great care to ensure every child is as prepared academically,socially and emotionally as possible. At PreKindergarten, we're really focusing on the academics, the prereading skills. Helping themunderstand

how letters make sounds, how sounds make words. They understand books, and they're learning they can get information from a book themselves. This is prime time for children to learn a second language. So we have our Spanish Mucho Mundo program. They're starting to understand math and how numbers work. They areexperimenting with science, learning what science is all about. They just don't talk about it, they experience it.

We provide a lot of materials, a lot ofopportunities for the children to be creative and show their own selfexpression. We know that if childrenhave the skills in place by a certain age that they are goingto be confident, and successful and ready to move on to the next level.

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