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Is your English holding your love backé Well,you need not worry because this lesson is all about love vocabulary. If you are madlyin love with someone there are certain phrases that you can use this Valentines. So let'shave a look. Hey friends it's me Niharika and welcome backto a new lesson. In today's lesson we are gonna have a look at some love vocabulary.Oh Yes, it's a great time to celebrate your love if you are involved in a romantic relationshipwith someone or probably want to be involved in a romantic relationships with someone then14th February is the right day to celebrate your love. Now in this lesson today we aregonna have a look at some love vocabulary.

So let's get started, the very first one thatI have for is Blind date. Okay, what is blind dateé Well, blind date is when you go on adate, romantic date with someone whom you haven't met before. SO have you ever gonefor a blind dateé Well you don't know that person very well, probably your friend hasarranged a date for you, probably your friend works with this person and called you thathey why don't you go for a date.So that's a blind date, when you don't know the person,you haven't met the person before but you still go on a romantic date with him or her.SO it's going on a date with someone you have never met.

Moving on to the next phrase that I have foryou which is double date. Okay, so what is double dateé Well we learnt about blind datebut now when it comes to double date, it means that two couples going on a date together.So you and your boyfriend and your friend along with his or her partner, yes, y'allgo out together, probably y'all go for a dinner or just for drinks or probably you go outfor a movie. So, it is a date but it's not just you and your partner alone but you arealso with your friends. Okay, so two couples going on a date, that's double date. Moving on to the next one, will you be myValentineé well, what does this really meané

Now if you wanna go out with someone, youare crazy for this person and you want to go out with this person and you want to popup that question, so how do you do thaté Well this is the right question that you can ask.Hey will you be my valentineé So you are prompting that person that Hey I like you and I wouldlike to spend my valentine's day with you. So either you can say will you be my valentineor probably you can ask a little more formal question which is would you like to go outwith me on 14th of Februaryé Moving on to the next one is to be lovesick.Now what does this really meané To be lovesick. Is this some kind of a sickness. Do you needto visit a é Well, do not worry. Being

lovesick is just basically you are crazy forsomeone, you are so attracted to a person that all day long what you do is just thinkabout this person and that's about it. You just can't concentrate on your work, you areso much crazily in love with this person. So that is being lovesick. You know when youaround this person that you love, you have a crush on this person and you have thesebutterflies in your tummy and you go so crazy when you are around the person you like thenyou are being lovesick. Okay, so that's to be lovesick. Moving on to the next one that I have foryou is Me right. I am still waiting for my

Mr Right. Well this is a great phrase forwomen. If you haven't found the right, ideal person that you would like to go on a datewith or you would like to get married to then yes you are still waiting for your Mr right.So Mr right is an ideal future husband. Like someone who is so loving, caring, understanding.You know, there are very few men who are really nice, like they are just perfect. SO women,if you haven't found your Mr right then it's worth waiting. Don't just jump into any relationshipwith some random guy. So a great phrase for women who can use it this Valentine's , HeyI am not going on a date because I haven't met my Mr right yet. Okay, moving on to thenext one is love to pieces. When you use this

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Sign Language Lessons Valentine's Day (ASL Snippets 8) Sign Language Lessons Valentine's Day (ASL Snippets 8).

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