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Tabata Kids CrossFit Teen Athlete

My name is Kyle Prior I'm 15 years old from Hartland, Vermont I've been doing CrossFit for two years The first year my coach wouldn't let me put any weight. We just practiced my olympic lifting with just the 35 lb bar So there's no chance of injury This year I've been adding more weight. I competed in the CrossFit open this year

And I placed 4th in the Northeast and ninetysomething overall Top ten percent Welcome to Tabata Here we go in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 go Tabata is a format of a workout that's twenty seconds on, ten seconds off for four minutes 3, 2, 1, stop I like Tabata music because I don't have to look at the clock

because the music tells me when to start and stop During the school year I try to train twice a day Once before school and once after school I like the competition side of the sport because I am pretty competitive And I like to push myself. Try and be better. My favorite movements are squat cleans and bar muscle ups I weigh 155 lbs and I recently PR'ed my squat clean at 200 lbs. I like CrossFit because it allows me to get away from everything that I am thinking about

and just focus my mind right on what I'm doing then and there. And not think about any other problems or anything.

Hip Hop Dance Moves For Kids Hip Hop Dance Moves for Kids Toe Touch Step

Hi, my name is Keith Fitzpatrick, this iship hop moves for kids and we're going to go over the toe touch. So with this step reallykind of really simple, it's a good little kid move. It's going to come here and touchyour foot with your hand there. You come here and here and you shoot your hand and you justwave it down, then you just stop. You'll do the same thing with this foot, here and upand down. So that last part you want your foot to be up and your hand will be up andyour hand is going to kind of make a wavy line like that. Here and drop down and whenit starts off again you'll be here and here and up and a down and here and here and upand a down okay. So when we put it together

it'll go here and back and up and down andhere and here and up and down, out. That's your toe touch.

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