Music Lesson Vermeer

Exhibition Insight Vermeer and Music The Art of Love and Leisure The National Gallery London

Betsy Wieseman: Dutch depictions of musicalsubjects give us a glimpse of what life was like in the 17th century how they lovedmusic! There was music in the taverns; there was music in the church. Richard Egar: The nouveau riche, all the richtraders, were having musical parties at their houses it was a way of meeting each otherand having a good time Paula Chateauneuf: People thought that theguitar was the devil's instrument and that the devil was, sort of, coming through guitarmusic and influencing youth Betsy Wieseman: Vermeer's musical subjectsare indicative of him as a complete artist

he is allowing space for the sound of themusic and for us to activate all of our senses, not just sight but sound as well.

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