Music Lesson Advertising

Music Lesson Business Advertising for Music Lessons

In this clip on how to be your own music teacherand create your own music teaching business, I'm going to talk about how to advertise whenyou've made the decision to really break out on your own and be a freelance music teacher.There's so many different ways to advertise, Craig's List is immediate and efficient andit can work right away, and it's free! A lot of people put up fliers, you know the typicalmusic teacher flier with the poster with the little tabs that you pull off. You can dothat but, you know what, everyone does that in a simple Word document. Why not do somethinga little cut above the resté This is what I do myself, and it's a flier, and it's coloron both sides, and I make it look exciting

and jazzy and different, and this is betterthan your average poster, and I've gotten so many great responses just because I hada good looking flier. I hired a graphic designer and I went that little extra mile. So reallyput a little thought into advertising. This is how you get your clients. Lastly, TakeLessons is a great resource and they can get you students as well. So be creative, be resourceful.

Lesson 4 Introduction to Using Facebook Ads to Promote Content Ecommerce University

Hey there, Ezra Firestone here from SmartMarketer for Shopify's E Commerce University and we're here about toget deep on Facebook ads. If there's one platform that you want to useto market your business, it's Facebook, and you will understand Facebookafter this session with me. This session is long but it will give you the toolsthat you need to understand how to leverage Facebook advertising and inthe next tutorial I'm going to show you a process, like stepbystep, howto market your content using Facebook, but I want to teach you how to getset up and get you rolling and

I want to have you understand how Facebookworks and how powerful it is before we actually do that. So this is a 63slide session, so prepareyourself, get a cup of coffee, and get a drink and sit down, get ready todig in. This is going to be a really, really informative, powerful, andlifechanging session for you. So we're talking about Facebook. Now everyoneis stuck on the query, righté This is what I told you about how you knowwhen I started in ecommerce it was only querybased advertising, it was allwe had, and querybased

marketing was all we had, when someone actuallytypes in a query on Google; that was the only way we had for generatingvisibility. But now with Facebook, it offers multidatapointcontextualtargetingso we can target people on Facebook who are between a certainage, are a certain gender, or are interested in certain topics, and connectedto certain things so they have so much data on us it's unbelievable.It's kind of scary. But it allows us, as advertisers, to target the exactpeople who would be interested in our products and services andI'm going to show you how to do

that right now, it is so, so powerful. It's pretty unbelievable. We live in a veryspecial time, never before have a group of people been able to access everyother group of people on the planet immediately. We have this special ability,it's the first time in history that we as people, we don't need newspapers,we don't need television, we don't need these other distributionchannels, radio, that we used to have to jump through hoops to distributemessages. We can now distribute messages to groups of people allover the world ourselves. So

how does it worké Well, when someone's scrollingaround Facebook there's these little advertisements that come up,righté So like, this is a picture of my news feed and you can see there's alittle sidebar and there's sidebar ads, and these were the kinds of adsthat were available when I first started with Facebook advertising fouror five years ago. And that's one type of ad. There's now news feed ads, righté Which islike, when you're scrolling through your news feed on Facebook, it's thisgiant ad right in news feed.

If you look right now at my screen on Facebookyou can see that almost all of my screen is advertising during this particularscroll as I'm scrolling through Facebook because there's news feedads and there's sidebar ads. Here's another example of one of my tutorialsbeing shown as a newsfeed ad. You can see, over on the righthand side,there's ads on the righthand bar as well. There's also ads through the tutorial manager,so as people are scrolling through and looking at other peoples' picturewhich is kind of what we do,

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