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ASMR Victim Speaks Out

One second you're a normal person, and thenan hour later, you're ear deep in watching people cut sand and squish slime. I wish those were euphemisms. Hello, welcome to nerdyandquirky. So I don't know if you've heard about thisthing called ASMR. It you haven't, I don't blame you, it's reallyquiet. Anyway, it stands for autonomous sensory meridianresponse. Which is just science talk for BRAINGASM.

whaaaaa. But not like a sexy one, kind like. Just a 20 minute long pee shiver. Or that head scratchy thing. Wait I think I have one. Boom. It's like using one of these but with. butwith. sound. And from the outside, it seems really weird.

It's really just a close up of that annoyinglyloud person that everybody has encountered. (pen tapping) OH FOR FU It's weird! I thought it was so weird! Until yesterday. There I was, ignoring my responsibilitieswhen Instagram proudly prompts with a pop up: You'll like this tutorial.

Obviously, I was offended. Don't tell me what to do. it was just this tutorial of some rando playingwith dollar store slime. (Beautiful, indescribable, comforting noises) Instagram was right. I did like it. A bit too much. I promise it's not like a weird thing. It's just.

(sigh)Anyway, suddenly I was a part of the ASMR community. I was following the trends. I was tracking the hashtags. There's roleplay!! It changed me! Nay, it RUINED me. Because now, everybody I encounter becomesan ASMRtist.

(pen tapping) Keep going. (pen tapping stops) (sigh) Now what about you guysé Are you a part of any niche groups that getunfairly judgedé Which onesé Tell me about them down below.

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