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It really makes it where you can stay in characterfor long periods of time take after, take after, take after take and I have to worryabout okay, you know shake it off, do it again. Try to do it again being the keyword. Nowyou are just, quot;You are it, you are good.quot; And you can pop out and be yourself as youwant to go do something else, but then you come back and you are just, you are that characteragain. You find the same character, you don't haveto find where that character went and so it has been very, very useful in all kinds ofwide spectrum of different roles I have done since, that I have booked since I have beenhere. When you are someone, when you are anyone

you know the way you like things, you knowthe way you act and hold yourself and so suddenly you are portraying this other character. This other person and you are doing it welland convincing because you are being them and normal basis you are trying to figureout how that would be in pretending and it is you are just still too much in your headso this technique makes it where you are just being this other person. You are performingand so real and effortless. Effortless is really what it is.

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