Learn To Sing Western Harmony

Musical Instruments Recording Learning to Sing Harmony

Learning how to sing harmony. Now first Ihave to let you know that singing harmony is not an easy thing to do. And if singingdoesn't really come natural to you, it's not something that I'd really recommend. The singingharmony is a very complicated thing. Cause usually you are singing on top of a lead vocal. Now in any song there's alwaysa main vocal. There's always a main part, the lead singer singing the main part. Butif you listen to a lot of different music, you also hear that there are other peoplesinging. But the thing is that they are not singing the same thing as the lead vocalist.You know it has been done before, you can

dub other lead vocalists but what harmonyis, is singing on top of the main vocals. So any time you are listening to music andyou are listening to a main vocal, that lead singer, listen for people that are also singing.It can be higher, or lower, you'll hear people sing lower harmonies or higher harmonies.And it's a hard thing to learn and usually something that comes natural to people. Forme personally it just came natural, I've been singing for a really long time and somethingI enjoy doing anyway and something I do in the band. But one way of doing it is likeI said listen to other bands,listen to what they are doing, listen to that other vocalistsinging. And try and sing what he's doing.

Maybe even record yourself doing it. Causethat's pretty much what a background vocal does. Now one thing you also have to keepin consideration is background vocals are not always singing all the time. Usually theyare there just to enhance the track, usually to add a part if it needs it. But it doesn'tneed to be continuance, it doesn't need to be a background vocal singing all the wordsthat the main vocalist are. They are just there to kind of back them up, kind of youknow show his support with his vocals sort to speak. So that's really the best way tolearn how to do harmony.

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