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How to Fix Sharp Singing Felicia Ricci

Hi friends! Today's tutorial answers the question ‘What do I do if my singing is consistently sharpé' ‘Or slightly too highé' I'm going to give you two really powerful visualizations that are going to basically help fix your pitch and make it much more dead on while you sing. Let me just introduce myself really quickly. My name is Felicia you can call me Fel. I'm a professional voice finder Meaning I help you find your voice through simple singing tips tutorials and online courses it's my belief that your voice is already inside you, you have the ability to sing and it's my job to help you get out of your own way and find the simplest mosteffective cues that are gonna give you results fast.

So what is Sharp Singingé Sharp Singing is basically when you go for a note and you land a little bit too high. Here's a demonstration I'm singing a pitch now I'm going sharp So basically here, it's like a quarter tone slightly too high. and you want it to be dead on So whenever we sing we obviously wanted to have good pitch, the opposite by the way is going flat ‘ahhhhh' where you kinda sink under So in both cases you could hear it's a pretty subtle adjustment.

First adjustment to help your sharp singing and get it more on the money is to know that notes are sort of like circles, righté So as you're singing a note you're creating a tone that is round, it's not like you a hit a note and you can only hit one tiny spot on it. it has you can basically be on a high end of a note or the low end of a note. And the more you train your ear the more you can sort of hear that but when you're singing sharp it basically means you are really privileging or aiming for the top of the note.

Okayé So it's kinda like you go for the note and then you're just rising up, rising up, bubbling over is kinda how sharp singing sort of feels and to your ear the more you hear it the more you'll get used to it. But because you're a sharp singer, you are someone watching this tutorial and you might wanna help your sharp singing. You wanna instead think of your notes as existing on the bottom of the circle. Now ideally, we wanna aim for the center but just to over compensate that first. we're trying to adjust your pitch or eliminate sharp singing.

Think of your pitch as having a sort of weight to it and drifting more toward the bottom of the circle. You can almost think of it as a marble and when you aim for a note (ahhhhh) you wanna know that you are actually aiming for the bottom of a note at least at first while you adjust it. My reasoning being that the average between your sharp sing and the lower part of the note would eventually average out to a more accurate pitch but I just want to sort of talk about how notes are sort of round like that

and the first thing to do is just kind of mentally adjust that. Think yourself singing at the bottom of a note versus the top of a note. But what does that really meané Righté Its like ‘okay I can sing at the bottom of a note like how am I going to do thaté' so to accompany that mental image I'm gonna give you some additional cues that are gonna help keep you grounded. What do I mean by groundedé I literally mean connected to the ground

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