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How To Sing Lay Me Down Sam Smith Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Hey guys, welcome back again to Ken TamplinVocal Academy. I started to go ahead and do a takedown of Sam Smith's “Lay Me Down�.Now, Sam has a lot of soul, and some very unique characteristics to his voice. So, Iwant to do it first, I'll talk about it after. But it goes like this. Here we go. Okay. Wow, what a very beautiful, soulfulpiece. You know, there's a lot to this, because Sam has just gone through some surgeryfor a hemorrhage in his vocal folds, his vocal cords. And, why I want to bring this up, bythe way if you like the tutorial, please hit the like button, and if you want to subscribeto my channel that would be super awesome.

But I want to talk about this, because asI've emphasized over and over, and I can't stress this enough, that it is imperativethat we grow and strengthen the chest register first. Then we grow and strengthen our headvoice, a reinforced falsetto into a head voice with a nice bright timbre. Then we learn tomix this sound together, and fuse the sound together into one long, powerful note. Whathappens in a lot of cases of R and B singers is they rely a lot on the head voice, andit atrophies the chest voice. So when they go to belt, and he pharyngeally spreads hissound: “HAAAAA� you know, really wide in a lot of places, and it gets too topheavy,and it becomes very difficult to sustain that

kind of sound. So, what happens is we endup forcing this sound with too much air that passes across the cord and we lose good cordclosure. When that happens then all of a sudden the cords get thick, and we have a repeatingprocess or a vicious cycle, so to speak, and we start forcing more air, which causes vocaldamage, and we see that with Sam Smith. I pray for good recovery from him because he'ssuch a talented guy. So I cover all this in my singing course Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy“How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else�. I'm going to do a threepart series, a takedownon Sam, so I can walk you through the stages of how to correctly grow this, so you canhave good, long vocal longevity, and good

vocal health. OK. Thank you for joiningme, Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, and more onyour way.

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