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How to Sing Valerie Amy Winehouse Cover Tori Matthieu Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Hey guys welcome back again to Ken TamplinVocal Academy, where the proof is in the singing. I'm here with my amazing student, Tori Matthieu,and we're doing takedowns of different songs today. We're going to do Amy Winehouse.The song's called Valerie. We'll do it first. We'll talk about it after, likewe always do. Let's rock! Amy Winehouse. Whooh! Nice job, girl! Man, that was good.Thank you. All right, so basically, we're doing a lotof different stuff, from Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder, Amy Winehouse… And what's interestingabout this is not so much that we're just doing a bunch of cover songs, but it's howTori finds herself in the song, and actually

represents that art with her own touch, herown flair, but to be able to sing in a lot of different styles, because what this doesis to give you a lot of tools for your toolbox for singing. So, we're going to be working upon, actually, some original material, too, so be watching out for that. Anyway, this is KenTamplin Vocal Academy. If you like what you see here, please like and subscribe to mytutorials. Also, I have a killer course, you can check it out here. It's called “HowTo Sing Better Than Anyone Else� and I have a singer's forums. It's free. There areover 6000 members you can join at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, and just come by and say hi,and get your vocal questions answered. So,

until next time, Tori Matthieu, Amy Winehouse,Valerie, and Rock!.

Learn to Sing Better Free Voice Lessons How to Eliminate the Nasal Sound When Singing

Hey! I am Mark Black and welcome to expertvillage .We are going to be talking about vocal performance. So if you have trouble with a nasally sound,or a thin sound, you should open up your throat, drop your tongue, like a yawn, and as I wouldsay a polite yawn in church, or in a meeting, when you yawn like this, somebody says “youare yawningéâ€� and you say no but you are, and what I am trying to get at is droppingmy tongue, opening my throat and I am enlarging this chamber here, and I am not particularlytelling you to open the jaw, that has an effect, but that is not the effect we are lookingfor right now. Right now we are trying to say make this secondary, this is the primaryresonating chamber of your chest, secondary

resonating chamber is the jaw and is opening,and we want to open that up, so again going from really tight to really open, back toa good sound, listen to this… that is all exactly the same pitch, different resonances,very tight throat, high tongue, opening up to big fat yawn, too much, and relaxing toa nice perfect sound. A good exercise for you if you have trouble with that, is to dojust that but go slower, you will hit a note on the piano, hit it real tight, tight asyou can make it, open up until it's fat, until it sounds stupid, so fat and full, andthen just relax your throat, don't think about closing anything, just relax until youhear a good sound. So that you can get a sound

like this… and somewhere there you wouldsay “I like that sound,� but we need extremes: too tight, too open and then relax to a perfectsound, that is to get the tambour to open up, the tambour of your voice, and most peopleare too tight. I am not talking about their attitude, I am talking that their throat istoo closed.

Learn to Sing Better Free Voice Lessons Developing Your Voice to Sing Better

Hey! I am Mark Black and welcome to expertvillage .We are going to be talking about vocal performance. I firmly believe and many people believe thatyou are able to build your voice and lot of teachers take an approach that's reallymore of a discovery process. “I am just trying to find out if you are talented, doyou have talenté No, you don't. Get out of here!â€� And I don't believe that atall and I do not mean it because I am so cool. it doesn't seem to be my experience. itseems to me that if you brought actually 10 favorite albums of your 10 favorite vocalist,yes three of them would be like “you know I was singing when I was 4,â€� all like this,but you know, six or seven of them are going

to be like “you know, I work my butt off,I practiced, I was there on time,� and if you buy their biography, and certainly thatis my experience in working with professional musicians that some of them are “yes I wastalented� and that's the most important thing in the world, but more people than thatwho seem to be just as good are people who work and succeeded and they develop themselvesand work themselves. I am just telling you that because I want you to be encouraged Iwant you to try and develop your voice and not to look at it like, if you can hear thedifference, from this note, and that this note, if you can tell which one of this ishigher and lower then as far as I am concerned

you can develop your voice. If you cannothear the difference between those notes at all, which one is higher or lower, then youprobably tone deaf, but again that is like one person at a 10,000 is actually tone deaf.Everybody else can develop their voice. Does that mean you are going to make an albuméDoes that mean people are going to be beating down your dooré Not necessarily, but it mayjust mean that you can sing in a choir or you can sing for your family and sing foryourself and it will be a beautiful fun thing for you. So, I just want to tell you thatI firmly believe in your ability to succeed and that working on things, especially ifyou get with the big teachers somebody that

can encourage you and direct you, even ifit is just for a season, that you can accomplish great things and that is a wonderful thingto do.

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