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How to Teach Piano to Kids How to Teach the G F Clef to Children

Cool, so in the last lesson, let's tacklethe most important part of music, that's a joke, all things are important in music, andthey all build upon each other, but you've figured out the staff, they've gotten to thefact that there nine little places for the notes to go, nine little homes for the notesto chill out on, and that they move from down to up, all that stuff's cool. What they don'tunderstand is that, that doesn't mean anything unless you have a guide. And you have certainguides that help you. You have this guide, his name is G, G clef, he is in love withG, and you have this guide, his name is F, he is in love with the F. So, start with one,doesn't really matter. He's so in love with

F, this F guy, that he puts his two dots,right on the F line. And how do you find the F lineé You can count up. One, two, three,four, and whatever is on the fourth line, is F, he loves it. And that F is a specialF, it's a special F on the piano, and you'll point out the bass clef F for them to see.So, if that's F, on this line, what's the note right above F, and they'll say G, andthat's how you write G, and then you can just write in a G on space four to show them. Thisis amazing, you'll be amazed at how quickly the kids will be like, oh yeah, if that'sF, the next thing must be G. What you're doing for them is breaking down the logic. But that'swhy it makes sense. And if they can understand

why it makes sense, it will make sense tothem every time. So you've got the F guy, he's in love with F, then you take the G guy,he's in love with G, he's so in love with G that he makes his fat curlyQ right aroundthe G line. Where's the G lineé They may be able to find it on their own now, they'llbe able to count up one, two, line two is the G line, that's a special line. Or youcould say he's making a hug around G, or he's doing something. I don't know. Make it up.Something around the G line. This G is not any G, he's in love with a certain G, andthat's right here on the keyboard. So again, if that's G, what's the note right above G.And they'll be like, A, exactly, that's how

you write A on the staff. That's the basicof the logic, if they can get that, and they'll be able to get it, then you're doing well.Youére doing really well, and they'll be able to understand where the notes fit on the staff.And secondly, where they match, secondly and most importantly, where they match the noteson the keyboard, and that will be how they'll learn how to read music. My name is Hope Wells,and it has been great taking you through sort of the process of teaching people how to readmusic, and how to understand music, and I wish you well. My name is Hope Wells and ithas been wonderful taking you along with me in the process of teaching music. This isexpert village where you can learn from

experts all around the world. If you'd liketo find out more about me, you can check out CaliforniaMusicAcademy , which is the studioI teach at. You can check out my Myspace, Myspace hopewells, hope underscore wells,so as not to be confused with any other Hope Wells and you can also check out my link that'sposted on this page, and contact me for private lessons. Thanks!.

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