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TEDxSydney Richard Gill The Value of Music Education

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. I've asked if the lightscould be lifted for this session, and David Glover agreed. And the reason, thank you very much,is I like to see the whites of your eyes. (Laughter) And I like to see you as my class. I hope you've all made the connection that music is an incredibly important partof what has been happening today.

We started with a didjeribone, an improvisationon this extraordinary instrument. We then saw a filmthat had been put together showing how TEDx was setup,and music, actually, made that film work. Without music, that filmwould have been a very different film. We then saw the rabbit, that had music; a tragic end for the rabbit,but nonetheless, music (Laughter)

and then we have had quot;Synergyquot;, whose piece, their percussion piece,was an improvised piece. I spoke to Bree afterwards and I said,quot;That's clearly improvised,quot; and she said, quot;Yes, we workon a particular pattern. We take that pattern, and every time we performthat piece, we do it differently.quot; Then, we had a string quartet, which included amplified soundswith improvisation.

Structures upon which other structureshad been imposed. This is the creative process. This is the processwhich starts with an idea which comes from the imagination,the musical imagination. And when the musical imaginationis ignited in a group circumstance, we have the most extraordinary powerto change lives with music, and to involve people in music. And it should startwith very, very, very young children

not teenagers. Not that you can't start I've taught teenagers who had their first experiencewith music as teenagers. But my view isthat all of that improvisation, all of that creativity you sawon the stage today, is the right of every child, no matter where and no matterwhat the circumstance.

Every child, I believe, should have accessto properly taught music in the handsof a properly taught teacher. (Applause) And it can start in the simplest way. Music is an oral art. And when I talk about music, I define it as quot;sound, organized in some way, passing through time.quot;

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