How To Learn To Sing Acapella

How To Sing Acapella Vocal Tutorial

Hey this is Mike Ferfolia from MetalworksInstitute Vocal Tips. Today we're talking about singing in acapella ensembles. Now youmay or may not have already done your time in an acapella ensemble. If not, I would sayit's a really, really great idea to pull together probably, you know, three or four other friendsof yours and rehearse an acapella piece of music. Just for voice, obviously. The reasonI'm saying this is as an acapella ensemble, you learn to lean on other singers, or leanon other devices, rather than a rhythm section, rather than drums, guitar, or bass or keyboards,for your reference point as far as in music. You learn at that point, if you're not alreadyplaying an instrument, you learn basically

to connect with the music that you're singinga little bit more because you're in charge of the harmony, you're in charge of a certainpart. You're basically in charge of the keyboard part or a guitar part with your voice. You'relearning at that point to emulate an instrument possibly, as well as uphold pitch, or upholdthe general pitch of a group. One singer in an acapella group can bring the pitch downas much as a half step throughout a piece of music. So it's pretty important to be ableto know that you're doing this stuff, or that you're able to hold a pitch consistently throughan entire piece of music. Practice with a pitch pipe of course, or a definite pitchinstrument, a piano hitting a key at the beginning

of a piece of music. Let's say something assimple as quot;In the Still of the Nightquot;. If you start with, quot;In the still of the night,I held you, held you tightquot;. And you end the tune, quot;In the still of the nightquot;. And thenyou're about a halfstep, or a wholestep away from where you started. That's somethingyou might want to work on a little bit. So it's important to practice the fact that youcan stay in pitch through an entire tune. And what better way to do it than in a groupof singers who have to rely on each other then to uphold the groove, more or less, oruphold instrumental parts, sometimes even percussion parts. You never know. And it'llgive you a better sense for playing in an

ensemble. Especially if you're not playingan instrument as well, which I believe every singer should. Alrighté So, put together anacapella group, and call me if you need an arrangement. Again, this is Mike Ferfoliafrom Metalworks Institute Vocal Tips. See you later.

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