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Hi. I'm Aaron Anastasi, the founder of theSuperior Singing Method and I want to make an official announcement to my YouTube communitythat we have launched Skype lessons. Now you've been asking me to do this for along time and I heard you. It just took me a little while to get things geared up andready to go. So right now, you can sign up at SuperiorSingingStudios or click thelink below. Now, why Skype lessonsé We've got the SuperiorSinging Method Program which is great. This would be a good addition to that in case maybeyou have an audition coming up or a performance coming up or you want to know what would bethe best thing for you to work on right now

or maybe you've got some blind spots in yoursinging that you're not fully aware of and once you knew what that was and fixed that,it would really launch your singing ability. Well, that would be great with this oneononetype of lesson. So you can find it again at SuperiorSingingStudios and there are limited spots. As of right now, we've got plenty of spots. Go check that out,SuperiorSingingStudios , or click the link below and we will see you there.

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