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Rhythm Score Idea for Primary or Elementary music classes

Hi, Its Janice Tuck here, and today I want to share a little ‘Rhythm Score' for you for primary or elementary students. This is from our very popular ‘Primary percussion' download its a collection of teaching ideas for using percussion instruments in the classroom. This is a little ‘Rhythm Score' which goes along with a classical piece of music, the ‘washington post' march by John Phillip Sousa. Its pretty self explanatory I don't need to explain much, as its pretty clear that you divide the class into two groups, and half play drums, and half play triangles. However, I know that most likely you don't have enough drums and triangles for the whole class. . so thats just fine, you could say ‘OK wooden instruments', you'll play the top part, and ‘metal instruments' you'll play the bottom part… Something like that. Its always a case of making choices based on what you have available in YOUR classroom. So I hope this little activity is helpful, and if you want more, then of course you can check out the complete ‘primary percussion' download by clicking the link below

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Music Lesson Business Teaching Advanced Music Lessons

In this clip on how to create your own musicteaching business I am going to talk about what to do with a new student who is moreexperienced. By the way, I am not just talking about being a piano teacher , you can teachall kinds of music. You can be a piano teacher, a guitar teacher, a clarinet teacher a songwriting teacher, a music theory teacher, a voice teacher you can be an acting coach even.You mean you can teach anything and all of the above. I personally teach piano, guitar,voice and songwriting and music business sometimes; I do coaching. So really hone in on all ofyour talents and don't be afraid to advertise all of them. Anyway, say you get a studentwho is pretty advanced guitar student, what

I say to the student is bring all your bookthat you are working on and be prepared to really show me your work. So the first lessoncan be about getting to know the student. If you just jump in and start teaching thestudent and your teaching that experienced student tips and techniques that the studentlearned seven years ago youére going to turn off that student. So take that first lessonto listen to where this experienced student is coming from so you can really take it fromthere.

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