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Free typing lessons learn touch typing IN UNDER 5 HOURS With free typing lessons

You're about to learn how to type really fastwithout looking at your keyboard. Touch typing is a techniquewhere you use all ten fingers of your hands to quickly type wordswithout looking at your keyboard. Especially in this computer age it is a verypractical skill. Yet few people take the time to learn it. Now imagine how much time it would save ifyou didn't have to look where the letters are on your keyboard all the time when typing. I estimate that having learned this skillsaves me about four hours every month.

And it is not hard at all.It took me a total of maybe five hours to learn the techniqueAnd a month of just doing it in my daily work, to acquire speed. So how did I do itéI use a free software called Tipp 10. It's under tipp10 The software is from Germany, so by default it will be in German and you can change thelanguages here: there are German, English and Dutch. There is an online version and a softwareversion, but at the time I did the training,

there was only a software version so thisis what I will demonstrate. Choose the software for your system, I'm onWindows, download and install it. Ok, so I now installed the software, but,by if it's in German by default, I will show you how to change the language. on there, and there.Then on here: it means language, change the language to English, the keyboard layout toEnglish (USA), and the language of the lessons to English. And save it here.

Then you have to restart it. Ok, I now restarted it and it is all in English. So let me explain to you what it is about. There are twenty lessons and I recommend doingall of them. I think four minutes will be enough for onelesson. To start a lesson, click on start training. Now, place your left index finger on the fand your right index finger on the j and your thumbs on the space bar.

And hit the space bar to start. Down here you will see instructions on whatfinger to press down, and up here you will see what you have to type. So a is on the left little finger, s is onthe left ring finger, d is on the middle finger f is on the index finger etc. You just type this out, as fast as you can,in the beginning do not hurry! It is important to get the technique rightbefore you can acquire speed. Etc., you knowé

You can save it if you want, and here youhave a small report. After you did this for four minutes, thenI recommend you turn off the assistance. And do the same lesson again. And now you have to do it without help. Andso on. And if you do this for eight minutes everyday, then in twenty days you will be able to type without looking at your keyboard. And this all with less that ten minutes worka day. Okay, so after you've done this twenty dayregimen, you will be able to type without

Computer Typing Lessons Memorizing Keys on the Keyboard

Hi I'm Jennifer Cononico and we are back withExpert Village and our lesson on learning how to type on the keyboard. Next we are goingto be moving on to memorizations of the key, of the letters on the key board. It is importantto memorize them so that you can be efficient and quick typer. So we want to do this inrepetition. Now remember our center is the third row down beginning with the letter Aand ending on the semi colon, letter G and H are not being used; they are being exposed.So we are going to begin typing A,S,D,F,J,K,L, semi colon (;). Then lets do that backwardsfrom right to left semi colon,L,K,J, skip the H and G, F,D,S,A. Repeat three times A,S,D,F,J,K,L,semi colon. Now we can use our index fingers

for the G and the letter H. Left index fingerG, right index finger H. So lets begin all across A,S,D,F, right index finger G, leftindex finger H. Okay lets begin straight across left hand A,S,D,F, left index finger G, rightindex finger H,J,K,L, semi colon. Right thumb space bar, left thumb space bar. Lets go rightto left semi colon, L,K,J, space bar, right index finger H, left thumb space bar, rightindex finger G,F,D,S,A. we are in the center row.

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