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You're about to learn how to type really fastwithout looking at your keyboard. Touch typing is a techniquewhere you use all ten fingers of your hands to quickly type wordswithout looking at your keyboard. Especially in this computer age it is a verypractical skill. Yet few people take the time to learn it. Now imagine how much time it would save ifyou didn't have to look where the letters are on your keyboard all the time when typing. I estimate that having learned this skillsaves me about four hours every month.

And it is not hard at all.It took me a total of maybe five hours to learn the techniqueAnd a month of just doing it in my daily work, to acquire speed. So how did I do itéI use a free software called Tipp 10. It's under tipp10 The software is from Germany, so by default it will be in German and you can change thelanguages here: there are German, English and Dutch. There is an online version and a softwareversion, but at the time I did the training,

there was only a software version so thisis what I will demonstrate. Choose the software for your system, I'm onWindows, download and install it. Ok, so I now installed the software, but,by if it's in German by default, I will show you how to change the language. on there, and there.Then on here: it means language, change the language to English, the keyboard layout toEnglish (USA), and the language of the lessons to English. And save it here.

Then you have to restart it. Ok, I now restarted it and it is all in English. So let me explain to you what it is about. There are twenty lessons and I recommend doingall of them. I think four minutes will be enough for onelesson. To start a lesson, click on start training. Now, place your left index finger on the fand your right index finger on the j and your thumbs on the space bar.

And hit the space bar to start. Down here you will see instructions on whatfinger to press down, and up here you will see what you have to type. So a is on the left little finger, s is onthe left ring finger, d is on the middle finger f is on the index finger etc. You just type this out, as fast as you can,in the beginning do not hurry! It is important to get the technique rightbefore you can acquire speed. Etc., you knowé

You can save it if you want, and here youhave a small report. After you did this for four minutes, thenI recommend you turn off the assistance. And do the same lesson again. And now you have to do it without help. Andso on. And if you do this for eight minutes everyday, then in twenty days you will be able to type without looking at your keyboard. And this all with less that ten minutes worka day. Okay, so after you've done this twenty dayregimen, you will be able to type without

How to Learn Japanese Online Free

Hey guys, so I'm getting questions like dailynow on how to learn Japanese, so that's what I'm going to talk about today. All of theresources I'm going to go over will be linked down in the description. To learn Japanese you'll need to focus onthree different areas: listening, reading, and speaking. I don't include writing in therebecause that's more of a means to improve on the other areas, and honestly you're probablynot going to have to physically draw out kanji as often as you will have to text or typethem, so as long as you know how to read and spell kanji, that should get you pretty far.

The easiest of all is of course listening.And the easiest way to improve your listening is to immerse yourself in the language. Mostpeople pretty much max out their listening within one to two months in Japan, and that'sall it takes. If you're not in Japan you can listen to Japanese news programs or watchdramas, or something like that. But to get the full effects you'll probably have to waituntil you can actually get to Japan and be surrounded by the language. Whether reading or speaking is easier honestlydepends on the person. If you're the type of person who doesn't really study very much,but you just throw yourself out into a crowd

of Japanese people and you pick up the languageby listening to them and repeating it back to them, you'll probably be better at speaking.But most people tend to study a lot more, and especially if you're not in Japan, readingwill probably be easier for you. You'll need to focus on three areas with reading:kanji, vocabulary, and grammar. Now, I don't really include hiragana or katakana in therebecause you should be able to learn those completely within a few days. And I do recommendlearning all three of those at the same time. So for example, the textbook Genki has a littlebit of all three in each chapter. They also have a listening section at the beginning,so I recommend repeating back what they say

to you so you can get used to speaking thelanguage. In Jun's quot;Advice for Japanese Learnersquot; tutorial he talked about how language is a tool.It's not something you can just study and learn. You have to use it to truly becomeproficient at it. Of course, immersing yourself in Japan orpracticing with people who are fluent is the best way to get better at speaking the language,but if you can't do that, there are some resources I can show you online so you can connect withnative speakers and practice that way. Typically how this works is it's a language exchange.So that person will be learning your language, and you'll be learning their language, soyou'll both practice help each other speak

each other's languages. There is a forum forpeople who want to make contacts and do language exchanges on the website japanguide .There are tons of people from all over the world there, including many from Japan whowant to learn English. So you can meet people there and either connect with them on skypeor meet them in real life if you happen to live nearby. You can also use the website Lang8 . It'sa blogging website, so what you do is you write a blog in the language that you're tryingto learn, and then people who speak that language will correct your grammar and vocabulary andthings like that. And in return you help the

community by correcting other people who arelearning your language. Jun used to do it a lot and he made friends that he connectedwith on skype so they were able to practice each other's languages, too. I do highly recommendusing this website to help you get used to correct grammar and things like that. If you're too afraid of making mistakes toopen up and practice speaking with people, get drunk. Or a little tipsy. I'm dead serious.That is a legitimate tactic that people use. Okay, on to free resources. Starting out with grammar, you can use TaeKim's Guide to Learning Japanese on the website

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