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How To Sing Better For Guys Part 1

Is Everybody Readyé Well, Alright, then! Let'sGO!!!! Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! How to Sing Better for Guys. Welcome to KenTamplin Vocal Academy, where we're going to be discussing How To Sing Better for Guys. Hi, Guys. Ken Tamplin from Ken Tamplin VocalAcademy, and I'm going to teach you a little bit about the voice and voice lessons today. This is Part One in a ThreePart series onHow to Sing Better for Guys. Now, there's a lot of different styles anda lot of different approaches to singing,

so that one subject isn't just how to singbetter for all guys, because it's how to sing better in whatever style you're looking tosing. Well, there are some very basic, nonnegotiables to singing, and I want to point out that mostof the time, not all of the time, but most of the time, guys want to sing harder thangirls. They want to get out there and just belt and wail. .and there's the other side, of R'n'B or Pop guys that are just looking to have somesoul, and some good licks, and some good tone, and good resonance, and stamina, andso forth, AND range, which we all want.

But I want to cover both aspects fairly briefly.I'm going to discuss Rock Singing first, and then I'm going to break into more Pop andR'n'B. So the very first thing is, is that we wantto have awesome posture. You want to sit up straight, or stand up straight, and by theway, when you sit, you lose up to 30% of your strength in your abdomen when you're singing,so I recommend you stand, if you can, but anyway, so you're going to want to stand,and you're going to want to take a breath from your belly, from your abdomen. Insteadof breathing like we do like this, from our chest, we want to breathe from our abdomen,from our belly, and our diaphragm. So you've

heard a lot about diaphragmatic support, soI'm not going to cover that here, I have some tutorials on my website regarding diaphragmaticsupport, and I have an amazing course called quot;How to Sing Better Than Anyone Elsequot;.So anyway, I want to talk about how to sing better for guys, so we're going to start firstwith this bright quot;PINGquot; in an quot;AHquot;vowel. quot;AH. AH.quot; I coined a phrase, it's called quot;IT'sthe LAH!!! AHHH!!quot; and it's that nice, Open Throat, Bright Ping Sound that keeps us fromsort of choking on our vowel sounds or pinching and squeezing as we go up.Now there's a lot to this but I'm going to just go through the basic elements of thisfirst, and then if you're interested, check out

my course, or check out my channel and I covera good amount of this stuff. So, we're going to start with the mean averageof singers, and that would be a baritone. And so we're going to start down in like amidbari or upper midbari range, and we're just going to go through a simple triad scalelike this: Lah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.And try to keep the jaw as stable as possible. Try not to move the mandible, or the jaw,keep it in the marble or static or stable position, we're going to continue up a triadscale, like this: Lah, ah, ah, AH, ah, ah, ahhh.Don't forget your breath. Take your breath,

and use your breath, bring in the breath,kind of like you're doing a situp, the feeling of how much strength is required when you'redoing a situp. So let's continue. , Lah, ah, ah, AH, ah, ah, ahhh.Take your breath. Relax the shoulders, relax the arms, relax the neck. let's continue:Nice, bright, Open AH. I don't mean quot;loh, oh, oh, ohhh. or luh, uh, uh, uhh. I meanquot;AHquot;. Lah, ah, ah, AH, ah, ah, ahhh. Do yourselfa favor. Even get out a handheld mirror and look at the back of your throat, and see ifyour throat is nice and wide open, and that your tongue is placed to the base of the jaw,so it's not causing any stricture, or any

7 Must Know Gospel Drum Beats Drum Lesson

MUSIC Hey everyone, I'm Jared, andI'm here with Larnell Lewis. And Larnell's out from Toronto,Canada, out near Vancouver, Canada, to film some lessons forour Drumeo Edge members. But we figured since he's here, we might as well film some shorterlessons as well for everyone. And so today's lesson is titled,Seven Gospel Beats That You Must Know. And obviously this isn'tevery single gospel beat, but

this is just seven really important ones. gt;gt; Yeah.gt;gt; And before we get into that,how long have you been playing drumsé gt;gt; My goodness.LAUGH I started drumming when I was two years old. gt;gt; In churché gt;gt; No, not in church.

Started drumming in church at four. gt;gt; Okay. Great, and you areé gt;gt; 29. gt;gt; 29, so, 25 years. gt;gt; Yeah. gt;gt; Okay, so he's a pretty qualifiedguy to teach this lesson. gt;gt; LAUGHgt;gt; So this is gonna be an awesome lesson,

you're gonna learn kind of all the, or notall but a lot of the staple beats that you need to know if you wannaplay gospel music in church. gt;gt; Mmhm. gt;gt; Coolé gt;gt; Yeah, cool. gt;gt; So what are we going to start with andwhat are we going to talk abouté gt;gt; We are going to start withsomething I call Southern Gospel, and it's closely related to country music.

That kind of sound, that kind of pattern. And also, if you're looking fora sound or an artist or a group to check out thatcan give you that sound. You can look to groups like Mighty Cloudsof Joy, it's an older group. Or you could check out the Gaithers,that's another group that would definitely give you that kind of a country gospelsound or southern gospel sound. gt;gt; Cool. And so, let's hear this.

We have all these beatswith Smart Beat Technology. That's something we love to do at Drumeo. And so, you'll have the sheetmusic on screen and everything. gt;gt; Yeah.gt;gt; And so, let's do this. It's going to be be at105 beats per minute, and this is the tempo that thisgrooves kinda sits best at. gt;gt; Yeah, very comfortable, nice flow anddepending on the situation you're in they might be faster or slower, butwe'll call this the middle of the road.

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