Classical Vocal Training For Singers

Classical Vocal Training for Singers Exhaling Voice Projection for Classical Voice Training

This is Nina Mikhailova with Expert Village.And I am talking about breathing technique. This next exercise will help you feel yourdiaphragm and help you to control your breath. You can do it as long as possible. When you singthat is how you will project your long notes. And you pronounce letter s with an inhale.You can feel all the muscles in your body working with this breathing. Now the sameexercise which I showed you in the first tutorial on how you smell the air, remember that everytime you take a breath you not only breath but you smell the air and this is plain forthe whole vocal line.

Classical Vocal Training for Singers Humming Warm Up for Classical Voice Training

Hello, I'm Nina Mikhailova with Expert Villageand this is my little guy and he will show you some exercises. So, we just finished thestudy about breathing. Now don't forget about this, but we add a little bit more. We startvocal exercises with humming. Never start with an open mouth. Actually in Italy, operasingers for the whole year they do all the exercises with closed mouths. This is yourresonators, so you have to feel like the air touches you from inside. Okay, you go up anddown the scales and it warms up your voice. Next exercise we'll do includes staccato.You imagine like you're playing with a ball inside. So, you're pushing the ball. So, we'redoing the exercise, but on staccato. You push

the ball out. Okay, you go up and down thescales about one octave.

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