Classical Singing Lessons Scotland

A Quick Lesson on Southern Linguistics

but the primary reason uh. most people don't realize that the american southern accent is nota sign of ignorance but actually the fact that according tolinguists we're the only people left in the unitedstates who generally still sound like our ancestors because if you listen to nativebornsouthern speakers, the average southern against sound morelike this, what we call this quot;moonlight

magnolia drawlquot; because if youspeed up that sudden drop overtime and rapidly to come to the kazakhs and most people don't realize that peoplethat came here from europe were largely from the united kingdom so when they gothere this was not long lines of the speaking tenants but that's the firstand second generations coming off the boat not the children now the third and fourth generations tokids fit quite right mom and dad animal because it's time to develop decided ongation and with a top

west today called the virginia tad oneaccent it's not a complete southern drawlbecause that's a point area but as you go farther into the southerninterior and the years to raise the acceptance to get baker deeper richer by arkansas alabama georgia peggy adevil multilateral but people don't realize that in mostcases in louisiana many of the native speakers don't sound like that

victim to sound like these i guaranteespend a run by you placement of their families and i camedown to the accident on what time it becomes all poultry width of course certain exceptions innew orleans would start in the salad more like new yorkers because of the irish and this is c_n_n_kalyan influence so they can decide on what i did and even then you get a little confusedaddicting

wanted on the left not anthony collins y they have been realized that at the endof the day seven speakers like i said we're not ignorant as it's often been assumed but we simply sell like the ancestorsbecame here so many years ago

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