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How To Sing Good 3 Easy Tips For How To Sing Good

Hi there. Aaron here from Superior SingingMethod and in this tutorial, I want to talk about how to sing good. OK. How to sing good. The ironic thing aboutthe statement how to sing good is it is bad grammar. So let me just get that out of theway first. How to sing well, yeah, that's better grammar. So this is not a grammar lesson.This is actually a singing lesson so let's jump into that. How to sing well, how to sing good. Firstof all, at the end of this, I want to give you a good vocal exercise that will help youto be able to sing well and it's one of my

favorite ones. It's a good warmup exercisethat will kind of get you going in the morning as well. It's the only one you do. It's agood one to start with. So how do you sing wellé What are the different things that ittakes to learn how to do thaté First of all, understanding the voice. Thereare two probably yeah, three main things I think. It's like understanding the voice,learning proper technique and doing vocal exercise. So last one I'm going to give youis that vocal exercise. So understanding the voice, what does that meané Things like nasality. A lot of people whenthey sing, they sing and it just sounds kind

of like this. It sounds nasally and nasallydoesn't come across. It doesn't sound very good and nobody really wants to hear a nasallysinger. So understanding the voices, understandinghow to for example, it would be how to get rid of the nasality in your voice and it couldbe a lot of things but mostly it's probably the soft palate and I won't go too much intoit now. But soft palate is just beyond the hard palate which is the roof of your mouth.Soft is set behind there and usually nasally means soft palate is down too low. So understanding the voice, understandingthat the voice is a delicate instrument, understanding

that when you yell and you're like tryingto belt a note, like that, that puts a lot of strain on your voice and doesn't soundgood with tone but it also can hurt your voice. So just understanding those there is a lotof things to understand about the voice. These are just a couple of examples. The second thing is learning proper technique.Proper technique is things like learning how to breathe from your diaphragm. Breathingfrom your diaphragm is taking a just to give you a little, tiny glimpse of what it is,it's basically having proper posture, taking that complete breath and allowing your diaphragmto descend, creating space for your lungs

to be able to expand and your stomach cavityand as you sing, the tendency is to let your chest kind of collapse, to fall like that.But instead of doing that, keeping your chest nice and high, like kind of just like I amnow, not super high. Those are some of the basics of learning howto diaphragm breathe. So that's learning the proper techniques and there are a lot of techniquesof learning how to sing but that was just one example. So it's understanding the voice, learningproper technique and then doing vocal warmups. Vocal warmups are important because yourvoice is made of muscle and cartilage and

you need to build up those muscles to be ableto manipulate the notes the way you want to and to be able to sing all the things youneed to sing and know what your voice is going to do when. You need to strengthen those musclesso that they respond the way that you want them to respond when you're singing, rightéRight. So let's get to the voice exercise. This isa good one. It's one of my favorites as like a morning exercise. It's going to be Zs, Zs,We're going to do Zs on just basically five notes descending. So it's going to be vocalexercise. I started a little low. I will start a little higher. vocal exercise Dothat with me. vocal exercise And then you

La Patrie Concert All Solid Wood Classical Guitar

Hey guys this is Joel with Guitars UnitedI just want to show you another really cool guitar this is a classical guitar made inCanada and its called a La Patrie and its owed by the company Seagull which owns quitea few other companies like Simon Patrick and Godin Stuff like that I think Godinowns all of them to be honest with you but this is a all solid wood classical guitarand it is $479.99 US This is March 2014 and we think this is one of the best guitars for$479 thats all solid and so this guitar is not laminated and what I mean by that is thatthis top is one layer it might to pieces you know book matched but its one layer of woodsame thing for the back and sides is that

its one layer of wood in stead of laminatedsheets of wood glued together so just a really good resonation from that type of woodyou pay it I mean its not a inexpensive guitar by no means in todays economy But I thinkits the best value out there somebody looking to get a really nice guitar that not madein china that is all solid and you don't want to break the bank this is it right here itscall the concert model its $479 and its rock and roll we've been selling these of for quitea few years now and we have a lot of kids that are in these magnet schools and a lotof adults that pick these up these are just really hight quality they have like 7 or 8models they've been building them for years

and we like it yeah know they got a reallygood fit and finish to it the necks are a standard 2quot; nut width on them and um werereal happy with them its for the Tusq compensated saddle and the tusk nut on it so its reallyhigh quality synthetic materials that are being used today that have a good resonationthroughout so very balanced guitar good weight to it cases for them they make of em are like$79 if you want to get a Trik case if you want to get a hard shell regular hard shellcase there like a hundred dollars so best bang for your buck March 2014 Rock and Rollits got a Cedar top too.

Alvarez 5201 Classical Guitar

Hey guys this Joel with Guitars United Thankyou for watching our channel I just wanted to show you a really little guitarthat we just got in used and its going for $99 it's a uh late eighties early ninetiesAlvarez Regent classical guitar and the model is 5201 if you want to go check outthe different spec on them their really cool but basically whats going on is this littleguitar has kind proven it self to me you know its 20 or 25 years old mmm its kind of coolI think its got a good straight neck on it I mean its kind of hard for me to showyou on the camera but trust me its got a good straight neck on it and also you knowthe sound and the playability of this little

guitar is fantastic we have a special techniquewe use for tying the strings on and its very clean and a quality way of getting the guitarto stay in tune and have the string not slip on you and so anyways I just wanted to showyou a cool guitar you know it's strong it's all laminated so that means you can use itfor camping out or you know going to a bon fire or something like that this guitar canhandle that type of temperature and humidity and stuff like that so anyways just wantedto give you a shout out to show you how cool some of these $99 used guitars can beand thanks for watching again and subscribe to our channel and check out all ofour different other social media sites and

check out our Facebook and GuitarsUnited all the fun stuff you just do a Guitars United search on Google and you'll find us soanyways have a great day Thanks.

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