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Darude Sandstorm Cover

dear ryan can you sing DarudeSandstorm nope. cant do it i mean i' totally would sing that song except for the fact that i can't sing. and even if i could sing the song has no words so you can't really sing a song with no words. not to mention the other fact that if i did sing it on here it would probably get copyrighted and removed so i probably shouldn't do it. but im still gonna figure out how to do this song because nothing is impossible and where there is a will there is a way Thats it.

where there is a will there's a way i have a will Ryan: Hey Will Will: Yeah whats up Ryan: How much do you weighé Will: Ä° don't know like 160 Ryan: A 160 whaté Will: Pounds

Ryan: Pounds! *Pounding noises* Will: What are you doingé Ryan: A 160 differrent pounds Will: Thats not the kind of pounds i was talking about Ryan: Oh my god im so dumb. You meant pounds as in money. Ryan: Yeah like British Pounds righté Ryan. Ä° mean well if there British pounds there pounds wouldn't sound like *duff*

Ryan: it would be more like *doo,doo,doo!* Will: are you seriously doing this stupid connection thing to figure out how to sing. Will: Ä°ts not going to work. Ryan: No Ä°'ll figure it out. Ryan: Ä° just have to figure out whats the next clue Will: *Pfshh* Will: Yeah im sure you will. Ryan: Wait!

Ryan: Say that again! Will: *Sigh* and here we go again Ryan: *Pshhh* or *Pshhhhh* Will:Thats not even a word! Ryan: What sound does *Pshh* sound like its coming fromé Will: Ä° don't knowé glass breaking! Ryan: Exactly! Ryan: Glass! Glass like from a window!

Ryan: And what sound does the wind make dohé Will: Uhhhhhh a. Ryan: *Wind sound* Will: This is ridiculous! Ryan: Ä°t is ridiculous: Ryan: And when something is ridiculous you say *hahaha!* Ryan: As in *Ha! hahaha!* Ryan: Like laughter

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