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Bohemian Rhapsody Queen How to Play Guitar Solo Lesson

Hello guys of Cifra Club! I'm Vinícius Dias and now I'll teach you the first solo of the music Bohemian Rhapsody Queen I'm here with the Vintage V100AMD and your amp, you can set like this: the bass I took all aand the middle and treble are on total The tone I tooka little bit to get a more soft timbre and the gain i left in 100%

and plugged my cable on 1W jack to get the maximum saturation of the valve At the time of the solo, the music rate is in, approximately, 71 bpm and, to teach you, I'll play the solo in two more slow tempos, for you follow reading So thats it! Hope you has liked and learned! One big hug! See you!.

My Life As A OneMan Band Tommy Emmanuel TEDxMelbourne

Thank you. Hello. Hello there, thank you very much. I'm going to start by telling youthat I'm a musician, and I travel the world playing concerts, I play about 300 concerts a yearthat's how I make a living. It's also my calling in life, I'm oneof the luckiest people on the planet. I get to make a living doing what I love, and people say,quot;Are you in the music businesséquot;

I call it quot;the happiness business.quot; I play music and you get happy.That's what matters to me. So I was on a long flightin business class, I was hobnobbing at up in business class. A gentleman beside mestarts talking to me, and he says, quot;So what do you do for a livingéquot; And I said, quot;I'm a guitar player.quot; And he looked at melike I was in the wrong place,

I should have been downstairs. And he said, quot;You make a livingplaying the guitaré Wow! What band do you play withéquot; And I said, quot;I don't. I don't playwith a band, I play solo.quot; And he said, quot;Oh, then you're a singer.quot; I said, quot;No. No, I'm a guitar player.quot; But then I started thinking about it; I do have a band, and the band is me.

And I think like a band, and that'swhat's different about what I do. I think like a band when I play,and when I write, and when I perform. And that's how I hear music. I hear it is if it is a band,and I write as if I'm writing for a band. So I'd like you to meet my band,just to get started, and that is my bass player (Bass guitar music) drummer

(Drumlike music) I've got a rhythm guy as well. Think at the money I'm saving up here. (Laughter) (Guitar music) And then finally the melody guy (Music) (humming a song)

I'll play quot;The Bridge,quot; I think. (Guitar music) Good. (Applause) Thank you! That's my oneman band. (Applause) Thank you.

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