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How to Sing Valerie Amy Winehouse Cover Tori Matthieu Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Hey guys welcome back again to Ken TamplinVocal Academy, where the proof is in the singing. I'm here with my amazing student, Tori Matthieu,and we're doing takedowns of different songs today. We're going to do Amy Winehouse.The song's called Valerie. We'll do it first. We'll talk about it after, likewe always do. Let's rock! Amy Winehouse. Whooh! Nice job, girl! Man, that was good.Thank you. All right, so basically, we're doing a lotof different stuff, from Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder, Amy Winehouse… And what's interestingabout this is not so much that we're just doing a bunch of cover songs, but it's howTori finds herself in the song, and actually

represents that art with her own touch, herown flair, but to be able to sing in a lot of different styles, because what this doesis to give you a lot of tools for your toolbox for singing. So, we're going to be working upon, actually, some original material, too, so be watching out for that. Anyway, this is KenTamplin Vocal Academy. If you like what you see here, please like and subscribe to mytutorials. Also, I have a killer course, you can check it out here. It's called “HowTo Sing Better Than Anyone Else� and I have a singer's forums. It's free. There areover 6000 members you can join at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, and just come by and say hi,and get your vocal questions answered. So,

until next time, Tori Matthieu, Amy Winehouse,Valerie, and Rock!.

Scales Finger Patterns for Mandolin Mandolin Finger Pattern 2 High Octave

So now we're going to incorporate the restof the outer strings here on this. Key of D, so. There's our original ending note, andI would go to that higher root as well. If we're going on the seven we might as wellhit that root. One more time. Eight notes.

Roy Clark School of Music

Rob McClendon: Whether you have dreams ofthe big time, or just want to hone your musical talent, the Roy Clark music school at NortheastTechnology Center is helping aspiring performing artists. Joining me now to tell us more aboutall this is our Courtney Maye. Courtney Maye: Residents in Claremore, Oklahoma,can learn from country music legends without even leaving town. Adults in the music programat the Roy Clark School of Music are pursuing their musical dreams while learning from thebest. Jana Jae playing the fiddle.Courtney Maye: Whether it's a hobby or a future career, fiddlin' with Jana Jae can't be beat.Past quot;Hee Hawquot; TV star and worldclass fiddler

now wanting to give back to her fans thatgave her so much. Jana Jae: Fiddling is a tradition that's handeddown from generation to generation, from person to person.Courtney: A family love passed down to her. Jae: We lived with grandmother and granddaddyfor a while, and every night we would jam. Courtney: And student Charlene Smith jumpedat the chance to fiddle with the best. Charlene Smith: She's committed to continuingand fostering our American musical heritage, and she's just interested in helping any fiddlerbe the best they can be. Courtney: Tucked away in Claremore, Oklahoma,you'll find the Roy Clark School of Music,

offering a variety of courses ranging frompiano and fiddle to music management and business, a school infusing passion in teachers likeRay Bingham. Bingham: It has made all of us instructorsreally want to do well. And we don't want anyone to come up here and leave disappointed,so we really do our very best. Courtney: And teachers like Daniel McBridetake music beyond the basics. Daniel McBride: Music is feeling. That's whatit is. It makes you happy. It makes you sad. It can make you angry.Courtney: A design that is unique to each musician.Jae: So you can have music, sheet music, there's

lots of music out there now, but you've gotto have kind of a style to go with it. Because you can't play quot;Boiling Cabbagequot; like Mozart,you know. It just doesn't work. Courtney: Playing with attitude, not wantingto stop. Jae: Nobody wants to go home. We all wantto stay. Courtney: Passing musical talent and skillsdown from one generation to the next, all while fiddling the night away.

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