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Daily bread Can any human body handle gluten Rodney Ford TEDxTauranga

Risk. Did you knowthat everyday you eat your bread, you are taking a riské Risk is a strange associationto give with this grain of wheat. But in wheat,half of the protein is gluten. Gluten. This is my model of gluten. I stole it from the toy box in my . (Laughter)

Gluten is a very interesting molecule. We didn't know that it wasso harmful – until now. When I was a baby,my mum and dad had no idea that gluten might harm me,or them, or anyone in our family. This was 1950, when I wasa baby, at the same time that Professor Wilhelm Dickie waslooking after his patients in Holland. He noticed and he heard fromthe mothers of his patients that wheat probably wascausing these children harm.

He was the first personin the world to establish that gluten was the causeof what he said is celiac disease. Celiac disease is a conditionwhere the gluten damages your bowel. When I was in medical school, celiac disease was one paragraphin a 2,000page book. Now, whole books are written about it. This is me at 10. I reckon my mumdid a good job nourishing me

despite her lack of knowledge about gluten and any other of the funintricacies of micronutrients. They were very proud of me,a couple of decades later, when I got my MDa ate in Food Allergy because I had been very interestedin how foods can make you sick. This is the classical pictureof a celiac child. You can see his big tummy, his thin arms and legs.

He feels miserable. He's in pain most days, he's not growing. He's got diarrhea,he's probably got reflux. He's stunted. No one knew what to do with him until Professor Dickie showedit was gluten that was the problem. In 1960, there was the developmentof what's called the small bowel biopsy where you could put a tuberight down into the intestines,

snag a piece of tissue,pull it up and have a look and see. That tissue was damagedby the celiac disease, it was called villous atrophy. Celiac disease becamea gastrointestinal illness. Of course, if you've got gut troubles,and you're eating the food that's causing the trouble,then it must be a gut problem. So the gastroenterologistshijacked the disease. I'd like to introduce youto another child.

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