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Ep 33 How to Sing Mix Part 1

How to sing mix, or how to sing with a mixis a very common question. Inside this tutorial, I'll define and demonstrate mix. Warning:normally I try to avoid this, but in this tutorial I get a little 'geeky' about singing.(Vocal geek) Hi, I'm Chuck Gilmore with Power To Sing. How to sing in a mix. Well, whatis a mixé A mix is a mixture or blend of at least two things. When singing, you're ina mix if you have a mixture of chest voice and head voice. Ahahah. If you sing onlywith chest voice, you have no mix. Ahhhh. If you start in chest and sing higher andbreak or flip into falsetto, you have no mix. Ahahah.because you've lost the connectionto your chest voice. If, when singing, you

bring falsetto down into the area of the chestvoice that is supposed to be chest, there is no mix. It's only falsetto. Ahahah. Amix can only exist if the vocal cords remain connected. If your vocal cords break intofalsetto and you do not reconnect, you have no mix. It's only falsetto. Ahahah. Mixis made with connected vocal cords and a blend of chest resonance and head resonance. Now,where is mix in the voiceé There are several schools of thought about when and where you'rein mix. Some define mix as only occurring in the vocal bridges, passaggi. When singingin chest voice, as you sing higher, and while keeping the vocal cords together, the resonancebegins to move higher from your chest into

your head cavities. The resonance splits sothere's a mixture, or a mix of both chest and head resonance. This split occurs in thebridge or passaggi. After getting through the first bridge the singer encounters a secondbridge and then a third bridge. For women, there are even more bridges. With each bridge,there is a blend of overtones from the register below and the register above. Lower overtonesdamping, or dropping out and higher overtones coming in. As a result of this process, manybelieve that mix is only occurring in the actual bridges. Some believe if the vocalcords remain connected while the resonance has split into both chest and head cavitiesthat mix is always present, both in and in

between the bridges. In other words, everythingis mix. At this point in my singing and teaching, I think it's a combination of these two. Pavarottiis reported to have said that singing was like a repeating figure 8. Seth Riggs concluded,and I believe like Seth, that Pavarotti was describing the repeated narrowing into thebridge and the opening into the new register and so on upward. In my opinion, if the vocalcords remain connected, there's always some chest residue, even if it's very slight. Soeven in the highest head voice, if the cords have remained connected, that seems like mixto me, even if it's 100 to 1, it's still a mix. At a certain point, if the cords remainconnected, does it really matter if we say

it's mix or connected super head voiceé Theproblem is, what happens to mix when you sing down below the first bridge into chesté Well,you could definitely bring mix down into the chest register. So, I understand how thatcan be mix, but in most voices, you can only do that so long before the chest voice takesover. How, then, can that be a mixé A third concept that has helpful for me, is 'maintainingthe verticalquot;.(Vocal Geek) This is mentioned in the book, quot;The Voice of the Mind', by E.HerbertCaesari. Imagine a vertical sound beam started by the vocal cords and shootingupward into the mouth. In head voice, this resonating sound beam, if it maintains thevertical direction, will angle slightly backward

and penetrate into the head cavities abovethe mouth. Ahhh. Ahahah. In chest, there is still a vertical sound beam, but it beginsto angle slightly forward and engage the hard palette. In my opinion, to lose the verticalwhile in chest voice, is to grab the vocal cord, squeeze and close the throat and jamthe sound beam down into the throat. Ahahah.Ahhh. The tone can barely escape and has no roundness,no fullness and no appeal. To me, this is not mix. Maintaining the vertical, even ifcompletely in the lower chest voice, creates an upward lift in the tone. The sound beamresonates on the hard palette appropriately. This seems to recruit more than just chestvoice by adding a rounder, fuller tone, as

Nottingham NCS Spotlight

Hi, I'm Frankie Vu, and welcome to NCS Spotlight. A national tour of the UK shining a light on young people who are putting their names on the map. .doing what they love and are making a real difference. Before starting this tour I didn't know much about NCS or about the people that get to take part. So this is a great chance for me to find out how it's changed your lives. .even if it's just a little bit. So far we've chilled with surfers in the south. .and how we're on route to meet one of Nottingham's finest young musicians.

We'll also be chatting to local NCS grad. .and hearing from a midlands based rapper. And as I'm sure you're aware, I'm not the only one on this tour. The lovely Patricia is here. I'm going to be visiting Tanika who is an amazing volunteer here in her local community. You'll be able to see my tutorial on the NCS YouTube channel. NCS Yes. Fantastic. Watch that tutorial! So I've had a look around, seen some of the sights and now I'm joined by an inspirational girl with mad skills.

It's Isata. How you doingé I'm doing well thank you. Right, so let's start at the very beginning. How did it begin for youé Ahh my parents just suggested that I have piano lessons as I already played the recorder. So at the age of six I got started with a local teacher in Nottingham and it escalated from there. What are you thinking about when you're playingé I just focus on the music because I don't want to, you know worry about all the audience watching me, and the stage lighting and everything. .so I just loose myself in my pieces.

Do you ever get scared or intimidated by a big audienceé Just before I go on I do get quite nervous. But once I've you know started playing and got into it it's normally fine. Do you have any career highlights so faré I've been in a few competitions; I've won Nottingham Young Musician of the year. And you've played at some amazing places and huge venues. How did that feelé Well when I was playing at places like the Wigmore Hall in London, or Nottingham Albert Hall. It was quite a thrill to be in such a big hall and have so many people wanting to listen to me play.

What was it like to play on ITV's Born to shineé It was amazing, it was lovely to be on the TV for the first time. .and it was a really great experience to meet all those people. Do you find that music is a good escape from your everyday lifeé I do actually. If I'm angry or stressed or something, it's great to just bury myself in the piano for a few hours. I mean I do it a lot so I'm used to it, but it's also a great escape. So what's your ultimate life story thené If you could do absolutely anything what would it beé I would love to be a top professional pianist.

You know travelling the world and playing in all the big venues like Carnegie Hall or Royal Albert Hall in London. And playing in the top orchestras like London symphony orchestra. You know all of that I would love to do throughout my life. It looks like you are going the right way about it! Hopefully! Classical music isn't seen as something that's as particularly trendy among young people. What would you say to people who want to follow their dreams that aren't seen as cool. My friends are supportive of it. And I think classical music is actually becoming a bit more acceptable now.

Top Tutorial Hosting Platforms

Now that you have created your tutorial masterpiecewhere do you place ité Nowadays there are many tutorialhosting sitesto choose from and we will briefly discuss the 3 our clients use the most. These include YouTube, Wistia, and Vimeo. Keep in mind most of our clients use theseplayers concurrently, depending on their tutorial marketing strategy. Let's begin with YouTube. It's the number 2 search engine and the3rd most visited website online.

YouTube on mobile alone reaches more 1849yearolds than any cable network in the U.S. YouTube is unique because it's not onlya tutorial hosting site it's also a search engine. A tutorial on YouTube properly tagged and namedcan help with SEO. YouTube is also integrated with Google adwords, which means you can easily create a tutorial ad using your current ad words account. YouTube makes it very easy to embed your tutorialonto your website, landing page, email campaigns, or share on social networks like LinkedIn,Twitter, and Facebook.

YouTube has even developed the ability toadd call to actions to tutorials. YouTube is a great place to start hostingyour tutorials for free. If you have any questions regarding YouTubesend us an email at the address below or give us a call at the number below. Next let's talk about Wistia. Wistia is a professional tutorial host with analytics and tutorial marketing tools. Wistia is a True tutorial player not a searchengine.

Wistia Provides complete brand control andintegrates nicely with marketing automation software. Wistia is an excellent resource if you planon sending email blasts with tutorials or using landing pages. The analytics are powerful and robust. The biggest disadvantage of using just Wistiaover YouTube is that you can't take advantage of YouTube's search audience and paid ads. That's why most of our clients use both.

Although Wistia offers a free starter packageits mostly a paid tutorial player solution. Our last player, Vimeo, is similar to YouTubethat it's searchable but does not contain preroll ads or recommended tutorials set toauto play. This player is used to reach a smaller targetedaudience and includes a customizable player with embedded options. Vimeo's basic analytics is available toall users, but can be upgraded by converting your account to the Pro level. Vimeo reaches a much smaller search audiencethan YouTube and it comes with a hefty price

tag. Google prefers tutorials from its own YouTubeplatform so tutorials on Vimeo won't receive the same treatment on Google search as a YouTubehosted tutorial would. A unique quality of Vimeo is that you canadd a password to your tutorial. So let's recap depending on your marketingstrategy you may want to use a mix of these players. And with mobile being 65 percent of all webtraffic in 2016 its good to know YouTube, Wistia, and Vimeo all play seamlessly on mobile.

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