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Vocal training exercises when stressed Dont sing

Hi, my name is Monique and I would like to give you some knowledge about singing. If you're tired and you're stressed out and you're worried and the world is caving in on you DON'T SING. Take the day off. Chillax. Go do some things that will make you feel calm and happy. Stress and worry are the enemies of singing. They create tension in your body and it makes it incredibly difficult to get your voice out so by singing you'd actually make yourself more stressed out cos you wouldn't be creating the gorgeous sounds that you normally would be able to. However, if you are in the situation where you simply must sing, for example if you have a gig or a very important rehearsal that you simply must attend,

please try to calm yourself by doing some very slow deep breaths Before you even go into that rehearsal. Before you even walk into the performance building because you need to be in a state of calm and inner peace and remember with our positive kind inner dialogue, in order to get the best out of your voice. So remember, if you are super stressed out, don't sing. Take some time off, get your life in order, chillax, go take a bath, walk the dog, whatever it is that will ahhh calm you and remember, God bless.

How to sing the breaks in the voice a passaggio

Hi, my name is Monique and I would love to share with you some knowledge about singing. Today's handy hint is to do with the passaggio. So what on earth is a passaggioé Well, to be a singer it is very important to find out what a passaggio is. As you notice, it is an Italian word. You will find that a lot of terms associated with singing and also with music are Italian. A passsaggio is a weak spot in our voices where the registers join. Now if you haven't watched the previous tutorials about the different registers I highly recommend it because that will make this particular tutorial really resonate well with you. Now as we learnt in previous tutorials, we have four different registers. Chest, middle, head, flutewhistle. Now where these registers join, ok at these little green marks here, that's a little transition spot, where it's naturally a little bit weaker. This is called a passaggio. Now make sure that when you're referring to more then one passaggio that you don't say, “passaggios.â€� Ok, because as I said, it's an Italian term so the correct term for more than one passaggio is passaggi.

So what does this meané Well it means that, when we get to around EF, EF and BbB, that we have to be really gentle and kind to our voice because a passaggio is a weak spot in our voice so we have to very gentle and kind. It is also means that if we happen to be singing a song where the majority of notes are around these ones, that's actually far more difficult to sing then singing a song that's got really low notes or really high notes. I cannot stress enough, that when you are around any of the passaggi, please do not push your voice. Be gentle because as I said, this is a transition spot that is quite weak. If you have any questions about how to train your passaggi to become stronger or any other questions in regards to this tutorial, please leave a comment below. So remember, be gentle at a passaggio and God bless.

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