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How to Sing Valerie Amy Winehouse Cover Tori Matthieu Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Hey guys welcome back again to Ken TamplinVocal Academy, where the proof is in the singing. I'm here with my amazing student, Tori Matthieu,and we're doing takedowns of different songs today. We're going to do Amy Winehouse.The song's called Valerie. We'll do it first. We'll talk about it after, likewe always do. Let's rock! Amy Winehouse. Whooh! Nice job, girl! Man, that was good.Thank you. All right, so basically, we're doing a lotof different stuff, from Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder, Amy Winehouse… And what's interestingabout this is not so much that we're just doing a bunch of cover songs, but it's howTori finds herself in the song, and actually

represents that art with her own touch, herown flair, but to be able to sing in a lot of different styles, because what this doesis to give you a lot of tools for your toolbox for singing. So, we're going to be working upon, actually, some original material, too, so be watching out for that. Anyway, this is KenTamplin Vocal Academy. If you like what you see here, please like and subscribe to mytutorials. Also, I have a killer course, you can check it out here. It's called “HowTo Sing Better Than Anyone Else� and I have a singer's forums. It's free. There areover 6000 members you can join at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, and just come by and say hi,and get your vocal questions answered. So,

until next time, Tori Matthieu, Amy Winehouse,Valerie, and Rock!.

Bob Ross 1 Hour Special The Grandeur of Summer

hello and Bob Ross had like to welcome you to the joy ofpainting this is a onehour instructional tape designed to take you stepbystepthrough a beautiful painting project on this tape will paint a picture whichhas never been seen on the joy of painting television series and will have sufficient time todemonstrate in detail at various steps and procedures used tocreate individual affects

thank you this tape as a private lesson in my studio in every service progrosseat just for you to start of I suggest you get a tallglass of iced tea setback and do the tape in its entiretybefore you begin painting this way you will have a preconceivedidea in your mind at how the painting progresses and how individual effects are achievedif any procedure is unclear to you he may run to take back and see it againto see exactly how particular effect was

made a close attention to the wait tools areloaded to achieve certain affects a great day for the magic occurs righthere on the palate take your time and work at your own pacespeed will come with practice this is theproject will be paying today I think you will find is paining fun aswell as a excellent learning experience I strongly suggest that uses paintingonly as a guide and add your own ideas to it we need tosee nature through different eyes

in your painting should reflect yourvisions your personality devote some time to practice and becomefamiliar with each piece of equipment and verysoon you too will experience the joy of paintingbefore we get started espy to complete supply list on thescreen listing all the materials you need to paint is fantastic scene with me andI'll be back in just a second back welcome back guy mature

defend paying me click pay but though before weget started let me take just a moment retirementtalk a little bit about equipment they were going to be using today first evolved the main two brushes thatwill use we have here twoinch and a oneinchnatural bristle brush and all these may looklike house painting brushes but these are high quality

artist brush is designed specificallyfor this technique don't confuse these with syntheticbrushes such as nylon polyester expatriate absolutely won't work the paintingknives that will be using we're used to different knives we have a number tenknife which is the larger of the two and and number 59 it's basically the same knife onlysmaller and it allows you to get into to smaller areas and and to detail workwith these names you can create

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